Its not lowballing its called offer up..

I am new to offer up but what I figure is it must be a meeting of the minds. What will it cost me if I decide later to replace the item. There are those who want to offer less and then take your item to resell at a more expensive amount. That is wrong... I believe fair and considerate offer is appropriate not scandalous. Hopefully both parties are happy. That's what we all want.
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@Stewartlittle--Welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! This is a great opportunity for you to interact with other buyers and sellers, along with community members!! Well stated on the importance of meeting of the minds. I love it!!
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I don't generally accept offers at all, I list at what I am willing to take. But... If a buyer makes an offer, you accept, its no longer anyone's business what they do with the item, including reselling. If the seller is comfortable accepting an amount, its a done deal. Sorry, just my two cents.
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All offers are not fair if you put in the description that you are firm on price and that you wont respond to offers. At that time your being ignorant and inconsiderate. I have had so many people try and low ball and flake on me. Why are these accounts still open? What part of firm is so hard to understand?

On every platform and in every venue people will test and push. "it never hurts to ask" is what I always hear. On line and in store I get it ALL the time. It is the nature of selling used and vintage items. Some have a "thrift store" mentality and expect used to be cheap. It is what is is and all the complaining in the world wont change it. It will never go away.  It goes with the territory. How you HANDLE it is what makes a difference. That is where YOU have the control. React or don't. Let it ruin your day, mess with you, or shake it off and move on to the serious buyer. AND I have to agree with @RevivalGypsy what someone does with an item once it belongs to them is their business. Dealers, Sellers, Flippers....we all shop here looking for deals to RESELL. I mostly, because I have certain buyers for certain items. I also know a bargain when I see one and will jump on it if I think I can make money on it. I, personally, have never asked for a better price. I know what I can make money on and pass on those that I can't.

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Hello thanks for you comment
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@Jayego69--You're very welcome!!
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for me, lowballers are simply part of the game.

1) FACT: they are here to stay forever, and i have no control over changing them, or eliminating them.

2) Accept Reality: Know what is out of ur control vs what u can control. move on.

this whole game is like a conversation... like any initial conversation with any stranger. (and I do mean GAME... to play with an opponent. but, remember, it's only a game)

first, I give my opinion. then (on their very first response) they give theirs. it may or may not align with my initial opinion (price assessment).

if I expect, or demand, that everyone should, or must, agree with me ON EVERY ISSUE at first blush, then i am guaranteed to live perpetually at odds with all my brothers, and ultimately, to live a miserable life.

3) leave all ur expectations behind, when meeting anyone. I am able to "be with" anything they might say.

they could say, "you're fat and ugly, and I wouldn't take that junk, even if you paid me!" it matters nil. I am responsible for my own upset.

So, I consider their offer.

(there are only 4 responses to an offer: accept, deny, counter offer or no response)

then, we simply have fun tossing the ball back and forth.

(also, I've already padded my initial asking price knowing that ALL PEOPLE want a deal, and will [or maybe, SHOULD] try for a little lower. no big deal. besides, I like being able to give all these deals, and they are happy to get them. it's a WIN/WIN)

4) Strive to leave every person, in every interaction, better off than when U first met (whether a sale is made or not). U have a gift for them, just as there's a gift for U in every situation.

5) ACCEPT: sometimes I get my way, and sometimes I don't. Next.
a) ACCEPT: Life is not fair. u should've learned this years ago.

6) Do ur due diligence: I've done my research and I know the current market value plus my BATNA and WATNA (Best/Worst Alternative To a Negotiated Alternative) Google: Negotiation.

This way, I come I to the situation with confidence, and I never have to apologize for my asking price... AND, I'm willing to negotiate.

So, Sometimes I win the game, and sometimes I lose... actually, I NEVER LOSE! I can FORFEIT the game, take my ball and go home. I'll find another player. but, it's never a loss. I have at least learned something new or maybe even made a friend.

at the end of the day, if i get upset about a lowballer, I can only blame myself.

it beats having WORK, or CHORES all day long.
if u'r not having fun, guess who can change that?!

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@LiamRylie--Well stated: love & enjoy what you do!! Welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! This is a great opportunity to interact with other buyers and sellers, along with community members!! Have a great day!!
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Thanks @Hi-there !
say, what's the difference between the forums here and the blog? (oops! now I'm off-topic, huh)