Its not lowballing its called offer up..

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Congrats on having the money to buy the best and give people a break on quality products. Some people love the feeling of a good find. Maybe, just maybe, we should post our stuff in a appropriate manner to assure the type of interest you desire. Then you would not have to get upset about others ( who may not be as blessed or successful as you obviously are.) Trying to be able to get a deal on Some THING they may never have been able to afford.
Your skills at ..well everything, should enable you to post to reach your desired goals. Good luck in reducing your frustration. I'm new but even I know what firm is, lol peace out.
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Impressive short to the point. Namaste'
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@Esineda-- Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! You bring up many great points!! I hope you have a great time interacting with other buyers and sellers!! Welcome!!
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Your scenario, understandable, respectable, even perfect with awsome results.

The issue is not the "low-ball", it's the agreed upon amount green the dishonesty behind it. Negotiable is/ should be the assumption, as said, it is "Offer-Up!" Would be nice if they were all so smooth.

Personality, if I happen upon an incredible, I do not even try to push the limits. Elk away happy with the dal ; D
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Welcome to the community, @FBphone! Love this post!

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Yes that's true handouts too bad OfferUp doesn't charge for advertising that be like a hand down LOL. Just simply say thank you for your offer but I'll have to pass it this time if you like to resubmit on offer I'm willing to listen or give me some time to think about it I'll get back to you have a good day
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@Bryanlee7 I always say “Price is firm but thanks for asking.” I write price is firm in the description and on my background pic... nobody cares. I do not price things high either. I do appreciate people trying to get a deal though. I’ve only purchased 6 things through offerup and I always give the price listed.
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Great professional response.
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@Hyundai TrueTrueTrue! Every new seller should read this post for a dose of reality. I’ve had to talk to my own self about pricing (not just here but for other sales platforms, especially my antique mall booth). Thanks for posting.
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Even though it's called "Offer Up", some buyers list their items, and will let you know if it's firm, or not. If it's a firm price, it's disrespectful to offer them a lower offer, especially if it's new, and hasn't been opened.