Its not lowballing its called offer up..

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Such an opinionated response!  Sorry to inform you, but, just because you don’t see value in something, the next buyer might very well be that sees the value in an item.  Yes, it’s nothing to cry over!  But you missed the point.  It wasn’t just the value of an item, it is also the time and money on my part, that is invested as well!  You don’t get upset about the inconsiderate buyer?  That’s all well and good for you. But we are not robots all wired the same.  I would not go as far as FARFY,  but it’s her right to vent HER feelings on here. It is your right to voice YOUR tips and encouragement to another seller, but it is NOT YOUR RIGHT to tell others they are wrong!  We each have the right to feel the way we do.  MY VENTING, now😘!

If you've managed to sell anything on this app or the other top rated classified app for over $150.00 you've pulled a miracle looking at it from what experience I've had.
Starting to think it's my location. Whole city on dope and won't fork up over $10.00 for a new in box Beats headphone set even.
Set your sights low here because these people even go so far as to get a discount because they have to pay travel costs needed to come buy an item they want dirt cheap as it is.
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@Fallingdown004--It's great if you can stay optimistic about the selling process & know that there many great people out there willing to travel & purchase your items, but there are also those people who simply are looking for a deal & may use travel/location to find items at a cheaper rate. Thank you so much for your response and insight!!
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90% legitimate flakes maybe. Thats real talk
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I respect all offers sent to me , but some buyer not even serious or interesting to buy or maybe they are reseller who try to kill your item price so they reseller it again or just silly guys trying to mess around , I can tell by checking their account , time they join offer up etc. but I’m looking forward to ban all these scammers spammers accounts who use to post cars with so low price or value time with low price too and say don’t send me message on offer up , sent me or my aunt email blah blah blah . I want these account be taking down immediately .

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Love it , fire the stuff up part lol
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I guess you learned the hard way about your buying and selling practices. Though you're right about peeps charging way too much for the junk they think is worth something, life is too short to put up with morons lowballing and wasting my precious time. It is a real jerk that comes to my house and says, this is all I have... Oh well, you wasted a trip didn't you .... If I see something I want and the price looks good, ill pay the whole thing AFTER IVE CHECKED IT OUT THOROUGHLY. I'm not out to try and rip anyone off, all my stuff is well worth the money. I make sure I have things straight BEFORE I go to a location, if it ain't right, I don't buy it. Use your head people.

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@Oreginion--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! I hope you have an amazing opportunity to interact with other buyers and sellers, share your thoughts and ideas, as well as provide feedback to others!! Thank you so much for your response!!
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@Donkayroo--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! I hope you have an opportunity to interact with other buyers and sellers, along with community members!! Explore the different forums, share your thoughts and insight, as well as give kudos to help others grow!! Welcome!!
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