Its not lowballing its called offer up..

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You're actually serious right now that's very funny I got to laugh. Tip maybe you should spend a little less time on offer up and worrying about your listings and low ballers are frustrating you and spend sometime doing anything else. I'll say it again people... it all comes from within.
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I don't have time for low balling If you don't have the money don't buy it wal mart want let you do it
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Samantha, hi! Loved you reply, well said. I'm a fun shopper/seller. It's a gamble and I don't get offended. It's a game that can get you money and good stuff for the majority of the time. And maybe it's not ment ad a lowball, at all. Maybe they truly only have that amount of money and they are offering what they can and sometimes that better than NO SALE. Or just wait it out. Enjoy
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I don’t find the offers as insulting as much as I find the less then half the asking price without even looking at the item first. Peoples time is worth something. I think most of these comments are coming from people who make these kind of low ball offers. I don’t care what it’s called (Offer up) by no means is a way to take advantage of someone’s time. If you want something free then look at the free section.
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First off. Is there a standard for what's considered low balling? Personally I never offer less than 25% of their asking price and in some cases I've even paid more than what people were asking because the deal was too good I'm just going to tell you all that I complain about lobe on right now that it's always going to happen so if it bothers you that much then don't sell on OfferUp otherwise it's just deal with it like the buyers deal with overpriced items and items that don't work with that are supposed to work it's not a big deal just ignore the person low-balling you or block them tell me about time is important in time is money to think about all the time you've wasted complaining about it. Cheers

This forum came about because people don't read a listing in it's entirety and make lowball offers on FIRM listings or in your case, didn't read this forum from the beginning.

The focus of this blog went askew because very few people take the time to bring it back on track.

So for the record, the original intent of this forum was to address people "lowballing" a FIRM listing. NOT people throwing offers on an OFFER listing.

Before you accuse me of not having a life, go back to creating a listing and note you have two options when listing your price, FIRM and OFFER. Better yet, go to the help section and read about the difference of these two options.

Happy selling.
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You can still put firm and still they low ball and still will ask for the price and it's right in their face If I want something I don't waste people time I buy it for what they want for it If it's to high I skip it plan and simple

You are playing by the intended rules even though the software engineer's mistake allows for counter offers on a listing not intended for a counter.

You are a man if honor.
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If you indicate your price is firm and someone sends you an offer, just block them. It’s either they didn’t read the ad or they just don’t care. Either way not someone I want to deal with. Some buyers somehow think every seller is broke or needs to sell the product ASAP.
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“A fun game?” Okay... but who says? When/where did this become a truism? What’s your source?

Some people make a living buying and reselling... hardly a game. Further, because you didn’t do your do diligence on a phone doesn’t mean others must waste their time with low-balling, hobbyists.

Appreciate the anecdote, but that doesn’t prove your point.