Its not lowballing its called offer up..

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Everyone needs to directly tell the person they talking crap about
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Just because it says offer up doesn't mean its a trashy flea market or some yard sell.. I am more than happy to negotiate a price for my stuff. There is a difference between making a realistic offer and straight up offering $6 on something listed for $50. Its insulting. Another thing is when they ask what's the lowest price you'll accept? I ask them what's the most you want to pay? So anybody who says that's just how it works is probably because thats the kind of offers they make. Oh and saying people should  sell high end stuff on eBay or auctions if the don't want low offers are ignorant. 

@Abuelita wrote:
*Applause* Well said. Great advice. I'm tired if dealing with angry sellers that become downright abusive when offered a price they're offended by concerning their "OBO."
If you really don't mean OBO don't post that.
I don't believe everyone who offers a lower price has nefarious intent.
This is OfferUp. If your item is very expensive and can easily net the top dollar you request hold an auction on EBay or auction it somewhere where you'll get the EXACT price you WANT right away no questions or bargaining. Problem solved.

I appreciate great prices and sales on good and great items.


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Why would anyone wanna do that were trying to not waste free time... Go to a build yourself a better business model conference if you need direct advice.
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Oh I can completely understand your frustration with the idiot type lowballers but mostly they are trying to get a rise out f you and have no intention of buying anything all they are looking for is to argue and fight. Just report them and they will eventually be dealt with!

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If the item description clearly states "price is firm" or "no negotiating" then you shouldn't be asking what's the lowest price they'll accept. If you click on the make an offer button and it says "the seller is selling at full price" then you shouldn't be asking what's the lowest price they'll accept. It's very disrespectful to ask or offer when it's clearly indicated in front of you that there's no room for negotiation. As a seller, it's very frustrating when the buyer asks to lower the price when it clearly via says "price is firm". Only half of my items are firm on price because it's already below market value. It's important to read the description first before asking the seller anything (especially when it comes to prices). If the seller does not mention that the price is firm and has his make an offer button open, then you can try to haggle. Not every potential buyer reads or cares to read the item description (most of them are so impulsive and there are many who are completely disrespectful).

If the seller wants full price for certain merchandise, it's his/her responsibility to set it at "firm on price" and note it in the description box. If the seller is open to negotiations but doesnt want a very low offer, it's his/her responsibility to clearly note it in the description box (for e.g. "$100 or best offer, not taking any offers lower than $70" or "super-lowball offers will be ignored"). I am very specific on my item description (especially when it comes to pricing). If the buyer does not respect that, then I block him/her (sorry but he/she should've read and respect the item description).

I think you give very good advise. I'm not selling anything I can't live without, it's just the way they tell you what they are going to pay instead of asking if you would take less. Of course I may take less because I dont need the item anymore I just think they could be nicer about it.

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Well offer up is called it's name for a reason. I will offer what I believe it's worth. if you don't like my offer...Well I'll move on and so forth. No need to be rude or cocky. Just move the f*** on. 😁
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@Eja0508 that is basically how sellers feel about buyers.
If a seller is asking $100, you FEEL its worth $5, dont bother wasting either of your time making a $5 offer. "Move the * on" to a seller asking $6 or $7 and make a $5 offer.
It goes both ways.
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The term lowballer mostly applies when they've worked as far as to meet and then further drag the consensual established price into a parking lot. It's not a big deal to see if they can get up to five dollars off but when you are ready to haggle 10 or 20 dollars off a price affirmed, again I will term them unethical Judaic double bluffing Semites.