Its not lowballing its called offer up..

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Definition of Capitalism...."being greedy and self centered. You dont care how getting what you want affects others as long as you get what you want as cheap as you can with no consideration to exactly how this might hurt the other party"
So @Iamosher,
What side of the fence do you fall on?

Are you greedy and take all you can grab onto because you don't know what tomorrow brings or are you a nurturing steward that if you take care of your customer today, you won't have to worry about tomorrow because you have built loyalty and trust into those you deal with?
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I dont fall over fences, i drive over them. I call it Trumpism, who cares who gets hurt or burned? I just do everything possible to further myself and my family like avoiding paying my fair share of taxes by hiring tax lawyers to help me misrepresent my true financials. Every single person in the top 10% does this, it plays a large roll in becoming the top 10%
@Iamosher keeping it real.
I like the keeping it real part. I am not ok with hurting someone else to benefit myself. However, somebody must lose for me to win. Must there always be pain involved with losing, yes, there will. As a humanitarian, I like the Win, Win. In this game, I try to make it a win win, because at Offer Up, it doesn't always have to be messy. I can price my products by comparison or I can price them way under everything else around.
If I take no loss, I win. So, something I get free that is worth 300$.If I want to be nice, and sell the product for 50$, that is my prerogative. I have been in sales all my life and I don't believe you get ahead by scalping people. I am not interested in being the highest earner, though I am competitive, I would rather sell a million pieces and make a nickel a PC, than sell a hundred pieces and make a dollar a PC. The more people pleasing you do, the more good referrals and repeat business you get.
And, I hate dirty bastards that rip peopl
e off every chance they get. Give to receive.
It is a free Enterprise. You can play this however you want. My group sleeps very well at night with 100% satisfaction, on Everything. Thank you.

I couldn't agree with you more.

People who have a take no prisoners attitude in business, usually burn out and can't ever figure out why they fizzled out. They then move on to new pastures and history repeats itself never figuring out they are their own worst enemy.
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@DirtySouthDecor I think your right on the money! Right now this country is full media brain washed people who have no idea why they hate this administration. Not one of them can offer a shed of proof or facts to back up their claim. If capitalism is evil maybe they should try socialism, where they punish the achiever and reward the lazy. Who's the greedy one in that situation! This country is full of people to lazy to work but still want to live the American Dream! Now I am in no way totally pro government, intact I am for less government. Get out of my business congress. But I am pro economy! If you want to be told what to do in EVERY aspect of your life then want socialism!

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@DirtySouthDecor... Nicely said!