Its not lowballing its called offer up..


I even had one woman on here trying to link me to a Groupon deal for a kennel similar to what I was selling.  She said, "I can get the same thing here for what you're asking."  I checked it out and messaged her back telling her she linked to the small size and mine was medium.  I said she could click on medium and see that the price was almost twice my price for a barely used item...but that I thought that was a good deal and she should get the groupon one.  And I wished her a nice day.

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I’m strictly referring to people who sell old obsolete items over priced. They get angry and defensive and call lowballers when people offer them prices that actually reflects the value of thier item. If my item is prices at 1000$ and it has a resell value of 1000$, someone offers me 300$ that’s lowballing. But if my item is 1000$ and it has resell value of 300$, someone offers me 320$, that’s not lowballing. That’s actually a good offer.
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But you are missing the point, if they were willing to accept $320 they would not be asking $1000. If they have overpriced it by that much in your opinion then you keep scrolling. People sell for prices all over the place. I may get $100 more or $100 less for the SAME item depending on my competitor. It happens everyday. I would pay more from a seller i trust and ships or responds fast than someone asking much less that I have no clue what may actually arrive. That is why some are successful, not because they offer all the lowest prices. Its really just annoying when buyers offer that much less... you already know the answer when you ask... why bother.
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They don’t accept 320$. They get offensive and call people lowballers.
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Sorry I can't jump on the kudo band wagon here and let me give you a few of my insomnia tips for those of us your calling upset sellers......First and foremost I don't consider offer up a "fun" game I'm playing with people!! I consider it a business transaction. Due to the fact I consider it business and not pleasure I don't have the patience for people who aren't serious buyers. Don't play games with me and lowball an already low price to begin with. Yes I can agree some people do over price things but did you ever stop to think that maybe they did that on purpose because of lowballers. The people who don't want to sell their item to you because you offered them a lower price aren't not obligated to make it "fun" for you and give their stuff away otherwise it would be on the front porch for good will. Another assumption you made which I did not agree with is the upset sellers on here are too emotionally attached to their things .....may I make a flip assumption to those who could careless about their things maybe didn't work hard for them in the first place and buy them with their own money in fact what of tube seller doesn't care because its stolen property and they just want to get rid of it. Now that was not a nice assumption to make was it? No in fact its never nice or respectful to pass judgement on a large group of people who you have no idea what their situation is and I apologize but I had to to make a point its easy to point fingers when it pleases you. As an adult and a mother of four I've had to use offer up and similar apps to pay my bills or even put food on the table when times were tough. People who have experienced rough times in life appreciate being able to make some extra cash and they really need it. Plus you mention their item is worth what they posted because you did your research? Here's a thought guess what they did their research as as well and because they know THEIR item they've posted it at their price because why they have a general idea what its worth. Have you ever compared a lamp or piece of furniture at a department store to something very similar you could buy at Wal-Mart for a check of a lot cheaper?? Ya you have well so have I.. HOWEVER there are somethings to don't buy cheap cause you get what you pay for. I use to call Kmart the fall apart store. I will shop at the 99 cents store to save money but there's just some things that are worth paying top dollar for either because of quality or quantity but you get my point?
Here's just a another little heads up for you ...its not okay to just brush it off when people rip you off and sell you a cracked phone for 100 dollars . it's not just life and we should not just get over it. NO SIR!! I really hope you reported that person so the rest of us don't cross paths with this individual People need to be held accountable for their shady transactions and it should be dealt with accordingly.....its not just life. It's not just okay to steal money from people by knowingly selling them a broken item. Its a business transaction and if there's something wrong with it should be fully disclosed at time of purchase. Even if you are buying items from a private owner the transaction should never be treated as a game. You can still enjoy and have fun on offer up by exchanging in a fair transaction between all parties because when its completed everyone goes home happy. A good and fair transaction between parties also builds up your reputation and in return helps buying and selling more enjoyable in the future Be the reason someone smiled today... that Mr. Hyundai is what I call fun. Smiley Happy
Have a great weekend!
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I can’t believe I’m just finding this community!  Awesome!!  I’m a pretty reasonable person, but I have to admit, blatant lowball offers do bother me, but not as much now as they use to.  When we used to post items as “Firm”, or “make offer” and people would make low-ball offers on the one’s listed as “firm”, I didn’t like that.  However, I also remembered what it was like when I was new and didn’t realize the difference.  So, I started giving people the benefit of the doubt and saying “I’m not sure if you’re new to the site, but I wanted to let you know, so you didn’t get any nasty comments”...and I went on to explain the difference.  I discovered that EVERY TIME, the person had never noticed that there was a label that said “Firm” and one that said, “make offer”, and the result was always that the person greatly appreciated me explaining it to them.  Now that they’ve removed the “make offer” I’ve chosen to just not take it personally.  But sometimes its difficult.  If people want “garage sale” items at garage sale prices, then go fight with people over the ice cube trays!  

There are times when I know that someone’s item is worth what theyre asking, but I just honestly don’t want to pay that much for it, so I simply say just that! Everyone knows what it’s like to really want something, but not have the extra money at that moment available to spend on it.  That leaves the ball in the sellers court, and they respect the way they’ve been approached, so all’s good.  Sometimes a month later I’ll get a message saying that they’ll accept the offer, because it’s not selling.  I think its ALL in the way we approach each other.  I’ve met sooo many wonderful people , from all walks of life through OU!  Some have become my very closest friends!  

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Today I was supposedly going to make a deal for a sound bar with a guy and we agreed to a price. I thought he was being honest but once I arrived to the location he told me to screw myself if I thought he would sell the item at that low of price! Ugh stupid immature people that can't just say no. Like really, you got nothing better to do than mess with people's time? These people get offended by offers made and really just can't be straight up with buyers by saying no, SMH.
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I'm glad you have that Outlook but I don't share your sentiment sorry maybe it's because I deal with musicians. Many of them expect need to make them a deal for pennies on the dollars and I know the value of my stuff it is not just emotional multiple of the same item sell around the same price and they want it for half of that and when I counter they disappear it's frustrating sorry. Not going to lower the price of my Betty Boop alarm clock either
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In your case i agree with you i dont deal in that arena most of my sells are simple toys which does not involve a lot of money in your case i would be upset also i cant type on here what i probably say the guy ha ha but anyway good luck toyman
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I agree i have fun doing this Toyman