Its not lowballing its called offer up..

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This is the best comment I've read so far. To buyers and sellers... have fun, it's not that serious. Sheesh. The things people find to gripe about.
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Your right but you can put the phone on here for $75 and I bet you someone will offer you $35 or $40
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You are right they will but you dont have to sale it to them
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Negoitate. Negoitations. Im asked to lower something and negoitate. Doesnt that mean I lower in some way my price and he offers me a reson to do it? The term is "dropping my pants" or "bend over" is what they are asking .
So with some i ask them this. Why do you think that i should?

My product is New instock. It starts at 50% below. Retail $ 500 in insurance. No Taxes It cost me 10% to sell to them
YOU contacted me because im the highest price and you want me to lower?

This is the best. I tell them you find it instock anywhere and i will beat it.
I always send "??" Until they respond. Every 3 hours or reasonable time without hasseling . then they state they found them elsewhere. Now that makes no sense. Your asking me to bend over. I send you to work for that disc ount you spend your time send me link. They find it and dont send me a link to get me to drop pdices. To save money. So i must ask. Them, i enjoy competition. Where did you get it. Last you hear from them.
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I understand what you are saying but some of us don't sell here "for fun"...some people just want to get rid of stuff or need the extra cash. I'm moving and I can't take some of the big stuff w me so I posted some stuff....I even put some items for free or even super duper cheap like $20 for a solid wood dining table....and I frieken still got people wanting to "negotiate"....seriously??? I haven't been able to sell barely any of the furniture bc people want to pay next to it's not that the buyer gets "bent out of shape" it's that some buyers are ridiculously cheap. I have to move and really would like to sell these so I can have a little bit of money to re purchase them where I'm moving to. So it's goes both ways....pp need to use their heads and be reasonable about the items their looking at geez!
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Here is another thought or issue...some people are plain cheap. Others just frugal, and yet others need something (not want) and that is all the money they have. Numerous times I almost tried to ask someone why they thought my item was worth what they were offering, and they answered that they only have that much money.  Most people though you can't tell what they are really trying to say or do I guess...I will try not critize people by how much they offer. I will though however dissect someones responses after that offer then I know what they are really after.  So it is up the buyer and seller to work it out.  Some folks hate when they just don't know, and some people are just cheap or trying to take advantage, you just don't know until that can of worms is opened....

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Yeah it's true...but I think people should have common sense...if something has a price why would you offer way for ex I posted an Italian Leather couch great shape for $450. A sofa like that goes easily for 1,200 min...genuine leather obviously. I posted it for $450 which of course I'm expecting pp to haggle so I'm thinking we'll of I get $350 that should be ok I guess....since moving anyway and need to get rid of it. So pp start offering $200 and then when I say $350 is the lowest I can go they disappear...I don't think $350 is alot to ask for that....heck I'm almost thinking of putting firm in that $450 bc of the prices I'm seeing out there for similar product. But it's sooo hard to sell here!!!
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I have a right to gripe when its more than half of the people on this app. I even had a guy ask me if I would donate an item to him. Maybe you all think this is funny because someone else pays your bills those of you with that luxury there will come a day when you will feel the same way some of us that run our households..oh and by the way its not griping its discussing in a public forum on an common issue and brainstorming to come to an agreement on how all of the cheapskate lowballers can be fitlered from the app or at least have some respect for people its not a joke when it happens ALL the time!!! It can become extremely frustrating and some people are pushed to a limit to walk away from this app and others like it all together..! When playing a game its not real life. When playing a game you're given multiple chances when you screw up. When playing a game in the end there will be winners and there will be losers. On offer up when a transaction is over everyone should go home a winner because it was conducted between two honest.. fair..and no nonsense business minded people. Just remember were not your parents its not our job to take care of you. Not everything will be handed to you on a silver platter!

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Haha. Be nice if the world was perfect in that way. Truth is we all think and feel we have the right to xyz. And that's why it's corrupt.
Seriously, you see EXACTLY right! I can't praise you enough for being so honest. A seller posted a pair of baby shoes yesterday with price tag from the store of $34.99 on the box yet she wanted $170.00! I was in shock. Thinking maybe she made a mistake I inquired. She cussed me out telling me how stupid I am bc "dats what it say" on her ad. That's what she told me! 😂 Sometimes I just can't....