Its not lowballing its called offer up..

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I've been on offer up now for about 4 months and sometimes if I see a item that I'm interested in, I might just throw a number out there. For example if the product that I'm looking at is $200 I'll bid a hundred or 125 and I always get replied to with aggression but the thing is ,it's offer up I'm not saying the product is not worth the amount that you posted I'm trying to Dicker as some would say. That's the beauty of OfferUp, so maybe you get"low balled" just know it's not out of disrespect just trying to get a better deal..thanks

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I don't understand how we're 'enabling lowballers'.

If you put a higher value on your item that's fine, I don't see how that warrants a block / report.

I've done business with people who are seemingly 'low ballers'.

I had an item for 80, they sent me "20?" Just replied with "No thanks"

They came back a day later with "36?" Replied with "Sorry no."

Again, this goes back to a previous topic of some people assuming you're desperate enough to sell.

I was alswaya willing to take 5$ off and he eventually offered 75

Guess I'm not as impulsive with the report / block feature as others.

At times they even rocket fire numbers.

"No thanks."
"Sorry, not taking anything lower than 50"
"Sorry no."
They then ignore me — it's a 50/50 shot if they come back.
If they end up buying from me I just don't rate them.
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Lowballing is disrespectfull and inconsiderate. Yes, we all want the best deal we can get but as a seller here I can tell you that getting low-balled is a pain.

When I sell on offerup or elsewhere I research the item i want to sell to see what it is selling for elsewhere. I will normally post my stuff below those prices by atleast 5%.

So I am in most cases already giving a better price than people can get elsewhere. 

So when a person offers considerably less, "low-balls", on my items it does anger me. Now, asking if I am willing to negotiate the price at all is a polite way to ask if I can go lower.

I live on a pension so I understand wanting the best deal I can get. But people need to remember that when you make an offer you are also telling that person that this is what you think of what they are selling. So if its an item of special importance they are selling because they have no choice but to sell to get money to pay the bills, well, yeah, if you low-ball expect to not get a nice reception.

The other side of low-balling is that you come accross imediately as being greedy and self centered. You dont care how getting what you want affects others as long as you get what you want as cheap as you can with no consideration to exactly how this might hurt the other party.

You think low-balling bluntly and boldly is the way to go. Well, I for one will block you from offering on my stuff.

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Hi @D-mozzy welcome to the OfferUp Community forum 😊
the OfferUp name could mean many things, OfferUp your items or OfferUp your price. I guess people could see it many different ways, yes if a person is offering lowball prices people would probably get rude for sure, I don’t believe in lowball offers my self, like If my item is $200.00 and someone offers $50.00 that’s just not the way to start off negotiations, it just going to ends them, yes we all want good deals. I would think a good approach for some people asking for a better price if it’s a firm price would be using the ask question tab. I get this all the time and I don’t mind at all,
( would you entertain an offer? ), What I’m saying is it’s how people approach other people with offers without out making people feel installed with lowball offers. every one has their own way of approach this question, but what’s the success rate of lowball offers probably 0, always be courteous and friendly when make offers and receiving offers.

I was gonna actually reply to this. Decided not to say what I was gonna because your post says all we need to know about you. Thanks for that.

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I believe if you wouldn’t take the lowball offer why offer it to begin with? I had somebody lowball me and they were selling the same exact product for more on their profile. Not all people are inconsiderate but most people think you are dumb to give them a steal when it’s money out of your pocket. Think before you offer 🙃
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@JMS not appropriate comment.
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@JMS, welcome to OfferUp. I would hope your very first post might have been something more helpful. Just keep in mind, where not here to bash and insult each other. Actually, were here to help and encourage each other.
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All offers are fair, it’s called OfferUp after all, but when you throw out such a low offer it’s also fair that the seller would react the way they do. It’s like when you fart in a room, that’s you’re right, but you can’t complain about people make the stink face. But yea there are so many lowballers who lowball and never intended to bargain at all, so I guess we can all be understanding of sellers who have had enough and wouldn’t want to waste time. If you throw out a low offer intending to bargain up a little bit be sure to let the seller know, ask them for a counter offer, let them know you’re a serious buyer.
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Yea i was about to say the same thing... If i have eomething for $30 and someone affers $20 thats reasonable or if i have somethibg for $100 and someone offered me $70 then id probably take it but people want something for free and not just me get insulted when you have something for $100 and they offer $50 but thats 50% off from what im asking for and its not just one its meny people that due that... Im reasonable but when i get an offer like that i just wanna not even answer but the problem with that is if you dont it hurts you so you have to respond... Just think of it from the sellers point of veiw... We are trying to get as much as we can from it... We understand you are trying to save so work with us like we would work with you but dont insult us.
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I totally get it. For me part of the thrill is the bargaining phase. I don't get mad or frustrated when someone throws out a price half of what I'm selling for. I'll just keep countering the offer until someone gives or we move on. Any offer to me is fair game because If in the one selling the goods and I have the right to refuse or accept. The Ball is in the sellers court as I see it.