Its not lowballing its called offer up..

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When I get an extremely low offer I usually just reply with the lowest offer I would take..
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If someone is serious about buying an item, they usually won't make a lowball offer without a good reason AND negotiating why! I once had a woman who needed a nebulizer machine (for asthma) I posted on Craigslist. She explained her family need, not much money; I gave it to her. It wasn't a lot of money to begin with and I felt it more important to her family. But those who just kinda troll around making lowball offers left and right on items with legitimate price vs value (most know what I'm saying) becoming kind of tiring. Again, I'm not talking legit offers. Offering 20% asking price on those items won't make many legit deals. I know some may say "What you think it's worth might not be...." No. I'm speaking real situation with item at a real researched value. There's always wiggle room but that goes both ways. Lowball offers are designed to cheat or take advantage of someone. In my opinion, that's the difference between a negotiating in good faith and lowball offers. Not meaning to offend. Just bridging the our thoughts.
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I understand that sellers may research a product and position their price slightly below that to be competitive, however it is just human nature to forget to account for the fact that the item is used, may not be in pristine condition, and has been for sale for months in some cases. I have only been using OfferUp for a few weeks but I have noticed that the pricing is based on emotion, so I will most certainly attempt to negotiate a better price. There is no sentimental value for me and a seller may be insulted by the price I offer, but I’m not going to pay for their emotional attachment to what they are selling. I can always find newer, nicer, and cheaper somewhere else.

That being said, I have not listed anything for sale for this exact reason. I’m not going to list and have it sit for 6+ months because I priced it too high for its age and condition. My great grandmothers sweater may be worth $20 to me but the fact that it’s 70 years old and slightly frayed and has been worn by a little old lady for close to a century would make a buyer value it at $8. It’s not personal, it’s just that buyers dictate how much something is worth, not sellers. It is worth how much someone is willing to pay for it. Period. So my sweater may sit for a year because it’s not worth $20 to anyone but me. This is the problem I see with this and similar apps. Unrealistic sellers who don’t really want to have to sell, by have to and price based on what they need, not what they would be willing to pay for it.

Also, it depends on how you market your item. “Sweater” is not going to move as fast or for as much as “Vintage cashmere sweater”. Sellers have to remember they are competing for business and try to be as descriptive as possible with as many pictures as they can. I’ve sold houses for 25+ years. The description and photos sell the item. We are visual creatures. I rarely ever look at items with only one picture.

We still should remain polite above all else though. On both sides. Communication is flawed when voice is removed. You can’t hear the reflection in the voice and too often we assume there is aggression when none was intended. We can’t assume people are intentionally lowballing to be jerks. I may get an offer for $3 on that sweater because $3 is all they have but they really like the sweater. We just need to communicate better. Don’t just send a message that says “$35” and nothing else. That’s rude. Remember your manners in case you have to do business with the person again in the future. We don’t remember the nice people, we remember the jerks. They will remember how they were treated and be far less cooperative.

I paid $50 for an item that I know was worth only $20 and there were others for sale that were going for $20 but I just liked this item better because the pictures showed everything and the others all only had one pic. So that one was better to me. Not everyone else agreed because it had been listed for 5 months before I bought it. It would have sold faster if priced at $20. Something to think about.....

Sorry for the novel.....
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Man that **bleep** me off when people do that. It seems like 9/10 offers are ridiculously low, lowball offers. I get it, your poor and you want a handout like those people that hit me up at the gas station asking for change. If you can afford it why are you even looking at it? Example, a year ago I bought this great car amplifier for 750 dollars brand new. Now Im selling it cause I upgraded. I posted it on offerup for 200 dollar, keep in mind its still in great shape, is a very well known powerful amp and the cheapest i found the same one for on ebay was 425 dollars. I literally got 6 offers in 10 minutes. I was pumped. The highest offer I got was 100 dollars, the lowest, 30. Im already selling it for an unbelieveble price, but some people would metaphorically rather slap somebody in the face with numbers. Its digusting. I finally understood what I had to do, so I repriced it at 400. two days later I got an offer for 200 and took it. it was from my roommate but whatever. That's all you have to do is Jack up the prices on your stuff and all these low ballers will think they're low-balling you and theyll actually be giving you your asking price, so just start marking stuff outrageously high

it's all about your attitude, and/or professionalism. Some people are clearing out their garage, scaling down/sclaing back, or moving. Some of us do this as a business, or part of a business. There are bargains to be had and treasures to be scored all over the internet on many platforms. I, for one, am grateful for ANOTHER opportunity to reach ANY potential customer that ends in a sale. Low ball offers are part of the deal. I choose not to get too bent out of shape over it. I deal with it daily in my brick and mortar store as well. Some people walk in with a thrift store mentality, others walk in and appreciate the quality and selection I have to offer. ALL attempt to barter. It is what it is.

thats understandable everyone wants a deal

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Absolutly but there is a difference between an offer and a low ball offer esp if you know what that item is worth i m all about dickering and bartering but if i get an offer thats way below what i m asking aka lowball offer i m alot less likey to want to work with you than if you started with a respectable offer at a lower price just because its on offer up dosent mean i m willing to give it away its all about respect make a fair offer and get a fair deal just my two cents
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I simply do not "reply" to any low ball offers. I have an item for $845 listed. Here and on LetGo, and when someone says they'll offer $200. I do not reply. If I'm offended then I will report and have. Most are trying to see if your gonna bite. Especially if your desperate. Then they'll turn around and sell it for a profit.

Please.... low ballers, Get A Life! My bike is NOT stolen, and it didn't fall from the sky and I bought it with hard earned $'s. Guess what.... you won't steal it either. Now then, you do the same!
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I just block the person that msg me with a ridiculous offer, I don’t need to have any farther communication with individuals like that, when I am selling a 1000 dollar phone for 550 and I get “would take 175” or just the rude “175” msg, that person has to go in the void for me