Its not lowballing its called offer up..

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@MRB When or if you did/do reply, what do they generally say back? Do they offer higher, or just say no? Have you checked out their reputation on their OfferUp profiles? Are they generally well-liked, or have everything verified for their account? I'm curious to learn more, so let us know Smiley Happy

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I typically check out their profile first to see how legit they are. Most times they are not a verifiable connection, but have a basic account. Every so often I get someone that is reputable. I try to make them understand that I did not steal my item nor did it fall from the sky. Also, I try to instill in them that I will wait for right buyer. Am in no hurry to sell just so someone else can turn around and make a profit from my hard earned item.

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I appreciate your point of view. I agree with you 110% I would rather be offered something than nothing at all. In my neck of the woods it is called bartering.
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Agreed @MRB. I myself would rather be offered nothing. I personally would never try to make a ridiculously low offer on someone's item. That by definition is a "lowball" offer. You can only barter with someone who is truly interested in legitimate negotiations. And people who make lowball offers just aren't. Try in any situation: real estate, auto dealer, banking, furniture store or even a bakery!
It takes no energy, effort or imagination to make a lowball offer. Offer 15-20% of an asking price without cause anywhere and see how that conversation goes.
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I know my asking price is already a good deal, not once in a life time deal, but a very deal already so if I get a low ball offer I let them know what they would pay otherwise anywhere else. I usually don’t expect anything from these offers. It’s usually one of three results.

1. No reply
2. They tell me that’s all they have and I’m not going to get a better offer from anyone else, then I say I’m not in a hurry and goodluck.
3. On the very rare occasion we get some kind of bargain going but almost always they would come up no more than 20% of their lowball offer. For example, I have something worth 150, selling for 100. They offer 20, I drop to 80, they comeback with 25 and say if I change my mind their offer stands, at that point I know it’s pointless but I just indulge them.

Then for some persistently rude people who badger me with ridiculous offer and keep messaging when I declined I would make the same offer on their item and they usually get the point then.
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Besides that, a lot of people that are on a monthly check wants to buy something and they are hoping the seller will take their offer because it's all they can afford. They don't mean to make a low ball's all they can afford. So think before you get your feelings hurt. It's not always what it seems, they don't mean to offend you.
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I think we all can tell the difference between a genuine offer, even very low offer, and a rude lowball. I doesn’t hurt to ask, I get that. If they make an offer and you send them a counter and they either curse at you or never reply at all, how should you react?
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@pcase8417, I respect your opinion. I'm sure there may be a few cases here or there. My experience is that's the overwhelming minority of cases. I had one incident with a single mom looking to buy something for her kid. After conversation, hearing her situation - I gave her something for her kid, better than what she was trying to get. She still wanted to give me something for it, but I wouldn't accept it. She wasn't looking for a handout. And she wasn't attempting to lowball me. We had great conversation BEFORE she even knew what I was going to do! I respected that and felt like doing something for her and her kid for the holidays. Been around - believe me. I know the difference between someone on limited budget looking for a deal and someone just wasting peoples time so they can profit. It's become so common place and without shame. Ever look at some of the profiles associated with those lowball offers? Trust me, the vast majority of those lowball offers aren't from well meaning, kind hearted, limited income folks. I wish they were.

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As long as the product is not marked Firm I wouldn’t be offended. However I mark almost every item Firm because I don’t want my phone going Cha-Ching all day , only to find out it’s another dealer trying to sell my stuff. If it’s marked FIRM , it’s respectful not to lowball or offer at that
I concur with you @Qualitysell.
The problem I have is that people don't read my listing in it's entirey.
1. People ask me for the very information that's in my descriptions.
2. People after asking a bunch of questions, then tell me that I'm too far away and then have the nerve to ask me if I'll deliver the $10 item 20+ miles.
3. And this pertains to our discussion, people will ask me if I'll take ... for my item. I'll reply with my Firm price and they ask again. I'll ask them if they are going to buy any of my other listings, I'm willing to give a "quantity" discount. Usually their answer is no.

This ALL comes down to them not reading my listing in it's entirety. I believe the only other solution to this issue is a label to check when we rate that person.
It should read something like, "Superfluous questions - Does not read listing in it's entirety ".

I suppose I get a little cranky because of the "attitude" many of the rude buyers take on when they barter.