Its not lowballing its called offer up..

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It's honestly dependant on the person and how you phrase it.

I saw an item which did not sell for 5 months, guy wanted 300 initially.

"Have this _______ like brand new, asking for 300 it's a steal."

I asked.

"I noticed the ad has been up for a while, if you still have it and are willing to part with it for 150 let me know. Just thought I'd ask, since the new model is out. Feel free to ignore if the answer is no."

We meet up and both rated 5 ★
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It’s much like the 1.00 Hamburger; 80% of buyers think it’s smart and savvy to buy any burger when you get that said one for a dollar. It doesnt matter it resembled more a biscuit than a burger, but they’ll be “danged” if they will order up the 5.00 Premium Burger. The 1.00 Burger lets them participate, but the 20% eating the sizzling Angus are the ones truly eating. On a rare occasion my customer base can say “ I found it for nothing , so I don’t have to pay qualitysell’s upcharge, ha!!!”. But they cant provide for themselves anywhere near what I can provide. The dollar burger in our market isn’t a place you can go in and order at will. However what’s going against the seller is there are too many places to get a dollar burger, even if it’s not really the burger they want. From chasing the “New” for so many years the consumers definition of buying mirrors ours greatly. Buyers and Sellers are too much alike
Thank you @goblin. I didn't take the time to add what you expressed, but the way you handled the situation shows you have class and manners.

I attempted to allude to your point, but you did a marvelous job and made both parties happy in the end.
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Thanks. Yeah, I think simply throwing numbers out there seems kinda rude almost. Giving a reason as to why you want that discount is more polite. Especially if it's a lot lower. Whether they think the reason is valid is up to them to decide.
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my very first buy on OfferUp definitely didn’t work out the way I thought it was going be like five years ago, I contacted a seller on a cool small kids electric truck selling for 50$ I asked the normal questions we all ask, condition if it works and so on, made plans to meet up, on showing up at the meeting place at the time we agreed on, she was nowhere to be found, after messaging her for 1/2 hour she finally comes walking out of the Starbucks coffee shop. That was not part of the plan to meet inside of a coffee shop? at that point I informed her I’ve been messaging her for over 1/2 hour. her reply was I needed coffee. then she opens her back door of her suv, and on inspecting the item it didn’t had the charger and the condition was not as described to me, so I figured I’d make an offer 10$ less thinking I could buy the charger my self, she go that’s fine, deal done right?, not so fast she ends up giving me a bad rating takes me from five stars to three stars, so I give her the same. so I ended reporting and blocking the seller, and dealing with trying to get my ratings back to five stars again. it takes forever getting them back. this was before any new profile information you could look at.
Good afternoon @Hotrod.

I believe you've made my point. Lowballing someone right out of the gate is rude, insulting, and creates hardships all around.

@goblin pointed out that the item he purchased was on the market for 5 months and after pointing that out, he made mention of the fact that a newer model was out and would the seller consider lowering the price. From what goblin wrote, it appeared that he made every effort to not insult nor lowballing the seller.

I grew up in a time that the marketplace is where gentlemen and ladies bartered, traders, and made friends. I realize that times have changed, but I don't see why we as OfferUpings can't return to that civil and gentile time where there was trust and not capitalistic anarchy.

I understand your point, but I respectfully disagree in light of goblin's explanation.
It's called offer up not low balers up. And when my profile pic specifically says do not offer me less than half of what I'm asking reasonable prices will be accepted a reasonable offers will be accepted and then people still want to offer me less than what I'm asking not only is that insulting but it's offencive and quite frankly it's a freaking waste of my time it is really annoying because I specifically state that
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Hi D-mozzy
I get what you’re saying, as I’m all for getting good deal. I think as sellers, the frustration lies when you put in the ad “no low ball offers, send me a reasonable offer or I will simply ignore you” and I still get people offering 50% to 75% if what I listed it for. That’s just ridiculous. We’re all here to make some cash getting rid of things we don’t need or want anymore. A lot of the offers that I get are laughable and they get bent when I don’t entertain the offer...and I post quality items, not junk. I see both sides but I also see a lot of people that want something for nothing
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Good afternoon, D-mozzy!

I love getting more for my buck, too. However, while everything's negotiable... there's a fine line between a bargain, and emulating Frank and Mike from "American Pickers" (Reference: Screen Rant).

But let's put this in an easier, more real-world example. This is coming from experience as a professional graphic illustrator and service business owner, so your results may vary.

My product is my time and labor, and I know there's a dozen other folks just like me offering the same exact thing. Some are better at it than I am, some of them aren't, but my only concern is moving my product so I can pay my bills long enough for the next gig.

I've got a pretty good idea of what my product's worth, and I usually keep some wiggle-room open to entice buyers (authors, galleries, companies looking for t-shirt and newsletter designs). Maybe I can snag the deal from someone else with that wiggle room, maybe it's not enough to keep negotiations running. It happens, when you're just one of many offering similar product.

Don't get me wrong, I'm willing to work with potential clients if it means I gain more from it. Sometimes I'll get a lead as a thank-you from someone I helped out of a jam, it's not always repeat customers. It happens.

But I have no problem turning down an offer that isn't even close to the minimum of what I know my product's worth. Or more offers from someone I currently deal with. As a seller on OfferUp, I've got the full right and ability to refuse... and a popular buyer partners with the seller, instead of haggles.

I realize that OfferUp isn't a freelance gig site, but the philosophy is the same. If someone's listing their stuff at "Champagne prices", they're not going to appreciate "beer budget offers".

The seller knows there's a dozen other buyers out there, waiting to take that sale from you. It happens. We're easy to work with... but we're not easy. Hope this helps explain why you get the reaction you do.

It's nothing personal... it's strictly business. Wishing you better success in the next bid.
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It’s so rude! I understand people are low on cash-I am EXTREMELY strapped between having our first child and my husband being laid off (that’s why I’m selling off so much!)...
But you should have the decency to offer something in trade to compensate the money you want knocked off. I’m more than willing to work with people-especially in trade for baby girl items... but to offer HALF or LESS just because you feel entitled? When did people start thinking they deserve something for nothing?

It’s really frustrating and disheartening when you’re struggling more than the people doing this to you. They don’t feel bad in the least - and I’ve even had people trying to take more advantage, knowing my situation and knowing people with their first child are already scared and stressed out enough.

Are we supposed to put items up at double what we want so we don’t get completely ripped off? That scares away people who don’t feel right lowballing you.

It’s just insulting how some people come at you when you price things fair enough already. If they want it bad enough they should meet you halfway! It’s not like they’re IN NEED of these items like people NEED gas, food, diapers...

****and another thing—-WEED is not currency!!!!!! 😂 😠 😂 Sweet Lord!

My rant for the day...