Its not lowballing its called offer up..

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But what if you have a brand new item listed for half that of market value ($150 and retail is $300+) and and you checked the firm on price box, then you get a message from someone offering $50? The app might be called offer up... But when you place a option to be firm on price. It's not considered offer up, it's considered sales price.
You talk a lot.
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I fully agree with what you are saying however..... Not everyone knows what an item is worth and furthermore value is only determined by what you can sell it for. People are always going to try to get something for nothing. Frankly i dont really care what im more conerned with is if ebay owns offer up since greddy offerup wants to charge a whole 1 percent less than ebay for shipping (final value fee). Seems to me offerup is not even close to ebay yet charges onky 1 percent less hmmm. Sounds like greedy ebay has leaked into the local mercantile biz.
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Its called typing. If you hear me talking then u should seek professional help

I agree with your statement, "Not everyone knows what an item is worth", this is why OfferUp has two options for the seller, FIRM and OFFER.

If the seller thinks he/she can get the price established and the seller is willing to patiently wait to get that amount, the a FIRM is placed on that listing.

If the seller wants to unload his/her product as quickly as possible and seller doesn't mind haggling over the price initially set, then an OFFER is placed on the listing.

In the the case of the FIRM's, the market will dictate and the seller will be forced to lower if he/she wants to unload their item.

This blog was originally started because of buyers making offers on FIRM listings.
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I cant help but see the irony in the name of the site and the firm on price. Not to mention 3 out of 5 sellers will drop their "firm" price at least in my expirences. I guess what ppl really need to do is ask themselves what is really bothering them inside. If your firm on price and someone offers you less you dont have to reply you can ignore and if you so desire even block that user. For every buyer firm on price theres a seller selling a broken item as working condition.
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Really i dont know why im even posting about this??? Whyyyyyy lol lowballers gonna lowball. Crazy folk gonna list at ridiculous prices liars gonna sell broken items as working you cant stop it its always going to happen. Complaining is something we can all do a little less of and that alone will have a bigger positive effect on life than someone never getting lowballled again lol gotta laugh
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In total agreement @Mattallen
appreciate your perspective!
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Thank you. I dont know really how to navigate on these forums i saw a post for new ideas for the site and i cant seem to find it again......**bleep** generation x stuck inbetween the good ol days and the millenials anyways how about if offerup could somehow shade or darken or even color slightly listings you have already looked at and if you want to take it one step further put a little message symbol if you have message the seller or that item. But really just the first part of shading or discolering the listings youve already looked at would be a great help. You know like google makes the print purple when youve already clicked on a link after you search. Can we get a show of hands who would agree this would be helpful? ✋

OfferUp had enough foresight to give the seller the option to set their own limit of what they are willing to let go of their item for.

It sounds like if there was a digital market called LowBall, you'd fit that culture more appropriately.

Nothing is bothering me inside. When I list a FIRM listing, I start out at either half of what it sells for as new or somewhere less that what other OfferUp-iens are offering it for; usually the less of the two found values. The result, I have 65% success on the first try before lowering my FIRM price by $5. There is a point that I will stop lowering the price because it isn't worth selling it. With that said, if my item doesn't end up a dud, I usually sell it within 3 price drops.

If it turns out to be a dud, then I'll check the category I have it listed under, the pics, my description, etc.

Unless I'm trying to sell something that is completely foreign to the general public (and it's happened!), my process has been profitable.

I've NEVER ignored an offer nor have I EVER blocked an offer. I've explained how I've handled these situations in earlier entries on this blog.

I will agree with you that there are thugs that will sell broken items for the highest they can. For this situation, your feedback is crucial.