Its not lowballing its called offer up..

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It's all about perspective. To most users, these selling apps are basically virtual garage sales. If you want a premium price for your belongings, eBay is your answer since it reaches the most pontential buyers who are ready to buy. Once they bid or hit the "buy" button, they are contractually obligated and cannot back-out without financial consequences. BTW, if it does not sell on eBay, your prices are too high.

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I’m more than happy to work on prices. If people want to work out a trade and trade me something I need for my baby, I’m all for it. But say you post something WORTH $100 for $35 & they offer...$5. It’s insulting.

Or a huge bag of toys for $4 and they offer $1...

I usually look the item up on Offerup and post it for less than other sellers.

I don’t see the point of posting prices if that’s how it is. Especially if you mark it as firm. The people that do this show up in expensive cars; obviously have money; just like taking advantage.

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I agree. We have been dealing with the same issue.
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Sure. I agree with most of this.

People do apprach business differently.

You get both worlds.

They're not entitled, they throw numbers out there in the hopes that you're desperate enough to agree to it.

This is common in practically all selling apps.
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I have no idea but I had a high chair that was worth like 150 originally if it was new but since it was you I put it up for 40… But I couldn’t find the pad to the high chair and it was the wooden highchair so I brought down to $30…This guy says he wants to buy and also other item (only worth 7$) that I have so I said since you’re buying both I’ll give you a deal ..He gave me the story that he was a single dad blah blah blah So I gave him a nice deal… We set up a meeting place and time for him to buy it… Let me remind you this was a high chair.. a wooden one that didn’t fold up so I had my husband carry it to my small car that I also had my daughter with me because I was going food shopping right after meeting him OK… so I get there and he has a girl with him And he’s telling her to come out and look at it to see if they want it… I did not pull this out of storage pack it in my car Drive 10 minutes away for you to look at it and decide if you want it that was not what we talked about I have the texts and messages to prove it… So they’re looking at it and I say look I’m going food shopping afterwards and if I put the high chair back in I’m not gonna have any room to put my bags of food in the car.. we met up so you could buy not so you can look at it… I sent him multiple pictures like he asked and he said he wanted it (or else I wouldn’t have taking it out of storage put it in my car to go meet them just for them to look at it and decide if they want to buy it) They say they don’t want the other item the 7$ item which was small anyway but still it’s the principle.. you said you wanted to buy it .. we had agreed on price for the high chair and a price for the other item so after he tells me he doesn’t want the other item he says I’ll give u dub for the high chair Like I said after already agreeing on a price... so after standing out in the cold for 10 minutes while they were deciding if they want to buy it or not which was not my understanding or in any of the texts or messages I finally say fine I’ll take $20 because I’m not driving us back home I’m going food shopping and I won’t be able to fit the bags in the car because driving it back home meant Packing a back up opposite direction of the grocery store driving 10 minutes home then driving 10 mins back that way to the food store ... and I had my 2 year old with me .. and I had somewhere to be at 7 and I met 5:05 didn’t leave there til 5:15 so I basically had to sell it for $20 or I would have been late for where I had to be at 7 o’clock because future happen with the two-year-old is in quick and I was doing a big order…So basically my point is I was either forced to sell for $20 or miss what I had to do it 7 o’clock because I would have wasted my time and had to drive it back home... I just don’t get people I don’t understand how you could be so rude… I never met someone that said they were going to buy something and then came until basically look to see if they want to buy it… I have three kids I don’t have time to meet someone for them to look at it and then decide if they wanna buy it and it being such a big item offer me a lower price then what u said u were gonna purchase it for .. I think they are scammers or con artist .. it was a great guy don’t first of all… Second of all he gave me a sob story that he was a single dad could I give them a good deal which I did...
3 we agreed on a price a meeting place and time ..::4 he came with his baby mom which clearly meant he wasn’t a single dad… To look at it to see if they want it and then lowballed me on the price ... and didn’t buy the other item that he said he was going to buy.. so just beware of anyone with the same story .. his name was Chris on the offer up page but his name came up different on my phone… Why would you lie about your name if you were trying to con some on her scam someone ... if I wasn’t going anywhere right from there I wouldn’t have let them look at it and decide I would’ve said never mind and went home but the circumstances were not like that so basically had no choice…It was either don’t sell it or bring it back home and miss something that I had to do at 7 o’clock( that I had no choice I couldn’t miss )after food shopping or don’t go food shopping which I need it to go and get a full order to feed my family of five… It’s just ridiculous… I’ve never met people so rude in my life… sorry for such long story but it was similar to yours and a way bc they basically got a high chair for half the price I posted it for
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Yeah, I also dislike when people come over just to 'take a look'.

Many people don't understand that they are not browsing at WalMart and others have things to do during their busy schedules.

Make it clear and reiterate it as much as possible.

Say something like "If you require more images of the item let me know so there's no confusion, I only meet up to make a sale on our agreed upon price."
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Yes I never had a problem with this before… So from now on I will be making sure that they are purchasing it and not taking it look … He gave me his phone number and asked for more images which I showed him and he said he wanted buy it…And it’s not like it was a little item it was a high chair that I had to have my husband pull it out of storage and put it in the car because I couldn’t get it out myself... I don’t Do you all of that so that you can decide when you if to buy it when I get there ... literally driving there I texted him and said this is the price for the two items that we agreed-upon that you’re purchasing correct? And he said yes… And when I got there is a whole different story!! Now I know to ask these questions and to make sure they are positive that they’re buying it and not just coming to decide they want to buy it… Lesson learned I guess!!!
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Omg! Right?!

I had people get me to go meet them later than I wanted (I didn’t want to meet at all in the first place) in freaking BANNING—25 mins away... and NEVER show up. I was **bleep**.

Another time we went down on the price for my husbands truck... a guy wanted to see it the next day but another guy said he’d offer $200 above the asking price... he had all the info & tons of pics.

What does he do? “Ohhh... I only brought ____ ($300 less than the asking price). He made us lose out on a sale and offered less than he promised.

I’m sick of the lying and scamming for sure. I can’t believe that guy lied and put u in such a predicament.
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You know what's rude? Fake offers. At least you can ignore a lowballer. But someone who agreed to a place and time of pick up are worst. I'm surprised offer up has not came up with a 3 strikes and your out solution. Have someone start a new profile (loose all their stars) if they continuously keep wasting people's time.
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I find it interesting reading through the forums. I'm an analyzer. This app is designed based off meta analysis of human addictive behavior to be "quick, and addictive" right down to the "ding" alert that triggers endorphins. It attracts a type of person who sells, and a totally different type of person who buys. I read the pages of all people who make offers on my products (and their facebook link friends). In my experience, ALL the low ballers come from either young people or people in certain geographic areas around my area that tend to be poor. A "difference" has always existed in these groups, but scociety is changing at breakneck pace. In my area (north of seattle in Boeing's back yard) we're in the grips of a Heroin Pandemic that is on the verge of Crippling many towns and cities. Offerup is Chuck Full of stolen items, and these people. The seller type people in these forums I bet are not all that aware of these changes and are being smacked square in the face with decades long societal decay and the new mentality of completely faceless throw away people and transactions. These lowball people Simply Dont Care !!!
Of Course there is a difference between OP very gently and tactfully asking Kip and Alexis if they would be so kind as to drop the price of their tennis bracelet a smidge.
And the norm of real lowballers that goes......

-Niceguy1-- "1 Month Old Leather Living Room Set.. Paid 6,000, New Job Location Forces Sale. 1,000 Firm

Lowball1 -- 100
Niceguy1 -- No thanks, I paid 6k. Price is marked firm in multiple places in my ad..
Lowball1 -- 150
Niceguy1 -- Please stop..
Lowball1 -- F-off you rude A-hole

..... Niceguy1 (Stunned, shocked, whole day ruined)

Lowball1 .... Zero poo given, does same to 100 more people in next hour.

Lowball1 is who everyone is sick of... welcome to the Future !!!!