Its not lowballing its called offer up..

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I was just offered $5 on a $290 asking price bundle of collectible vintage pyrex. I thought it was a troll being sarcastic, it wasn't
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Yes, good points. That's why I report and ban/block these malcontents so I get my side of encounter 1st.
Hopefully OfferUp will see a pattern of behavior in these clowns...
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I guarantee you that at least 75% of the time, (and that's generous) , those lowlife lowballers never had,do not have,and will never have anything for sale. This places them even further from reality & the perspective needed to be a functioning cog in the buyer/seller machine. I often break it down for them in hopes that they can somehow grasp the concept starting the price they offered,sellers fee, shipping cost,the cost+risk factor of installing a watch battery,for example,then make them fully aware of how much meat is now left on the bone & finish up with a very simple question; "Would you do it?
Excuse me,are those crickets that I'm hearing? Don't you hear that? Gotta be crickets...