Its not lowballing its called offer up..

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I was just offered $5 on a $290 asking price bundle of collectible vintage pyrex. I thought it was a troll being sarcastic, it wasn't
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Yes, good points. That's why I report and ban/block these malcontents so I get my side of encounter 1st.
Hopefully OfferUp will see a pattern of behavior in these clowns...
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I guarantee you that at least 75% of the time, (and that's generous) , those lowlife lowballers never had,do not have,and will never have anything for sale. This places them even further from reality & the perspective needed to be a functioning cog in the buyer/seller machine. I often break it down for them in hopes that they can somehow grasp the concept starting the price they offered,sellers fee, shipping cost,the cost+risk factor of installing a watch battery,for example,then make them fully aware of how much meat is now left on the bone & finish up with a very simple question; "Would you do it?
Excuse me,are those crickets that I'm hearing? Don't you hear that? Gotta be crickets...
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WOW... I enjoyed your comment. Thanks for the advice... I will relist some if my items at lowerthe prices. Your absolutely right about one thing WE CANT PUTA PRICE ON OUR EMOTIONS... THANKS
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Thanks for the scenic route in des-
cribing the points made being above your radar✌️.
Yes it's OfferUp
Just like auction
ButYour biding lower 😂
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If you bid lower at an auction,you'll never buy anything.
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Exactly! It’s a game of buying and selling. Some super low ball to try their luck, I’ve have lol, and sometimes works both ways. Sometimes it’s a bidding game or starting price of a negotiation, ppl don’t get that and get offended lol could be missing a potential quick sale. Always good to thank buyers for their interest in your items, Karma some would say.
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Nick39, i like your attitude
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I started selling on Mercari an I have I say I absolutely love the options they have for sellers. You can offer to do your own shipping which I do quite often as it doesn't cost $5 to ship a 3 ounce item, I simply go to and buy a label, ship it out and send the tracking number to the buyers. Yes, you still get some lowball offers on there but not even close to the crap people try to pull on here. They also have a counteroffer option when someone sends you an offer and I have made quite a few sales with that, selling something for 8 or 9 and they send me an offer for 6, I counter with 7 and bam, instant sale and both parties are happy with the price.


Offerup needs to step up their game or they are going to fall behind all these other selling venues, sure its great for people wanting to meet locally but I prefer the sell and ship model myself, I dont have to to run around and hope someone shows up at the agreed meeting spot - been burnt fom that a few times so I refuse to meet anyone anymore, they can come pick it up 2 mins walking distance from my house or have it mailed to them.


Ebay lets you set your shipping prices as well and has the option to set offers and reject offers lower than the price you set, offerup would be wise to implement some of these things, especially new shipping options! I refuse to even list books or heavy items on here because I am not charging people the insane shipping prices they have in place. Small items are being charged way too much to ship as well but I list those and have sold many, but again... anything under 15 ounces should NOT cost $8 to mail and items under 4 ounces cost less than $3 most the time.