Its not lowballing its called offer up..

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I learned that one's items for sale are exposed to thousands and thousands of potential buyers, some professional buyers, some nubies, etc.  Having a cow or even blocking them for not tendering to your expectations and such it's not cool and defeats the whole purpose of this FREE APP.  I don't get why ppl take things so serious an are so unflexible and square, but then again, there are thousands and thousands.  People chill, sell, buy and move on.



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Exactly, people get butthurt when you send them a offer thats not what they expected but if you know something is 2 or 3 years old you can't expect people to pay if it was brand new
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Oddly enough, these are the people the I've sold my items to most of the time.  Analysis this trend, I came to the conclusion that these people just want reasurance before pulling the trigger, kina like hesitant back of forth buyer.  That may friend it's the art of knowing how to sell and studing your bait.


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Ok, here is another explample, I bought a BMW 323i for $5 with less than 99K miles, this auto was $38K when new plus tax, doc fees, and DMV fees. Anything that's is not for example realstate, develuates almost, if not more than 50% of what one paid for it.  Having the notion that a buyer should pay what you want, is not gonna happen, specially experienced buyers, the app it's there for you to get rid of your stuff, recycle and what have you.  I tell you, this topic has the most comments which only comes to show that people have mental issues.

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I would rather someone low balling the price I feel everything can be negotiable. Dont say your interested in something when YOUR NOT,THAT JUST GIVES ME THE CREEPS!!!
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You see thats what i mean when giving a offer just reply you never know if you can meet in the middle if they dont reply
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my .02.


hahaha...people take things personal.  Funny.  When people offer me half the price of what something is truly worth, I tell them the lowest I will take and move on.  If I were in person talking directly to the same individual I would do the same thing.  Half the responses I get from folks I offer to or that argue over their offer would never use that kind of communication in person talking directly to me. They know they can hide behind a keyboard and take things personal, that is why this happens.


However this even if they argue due to my offer being too low is better than no reply at all. There is one particular seller that I have made offers to or ask questions about his items and not once out of all my replies or offers have they even responded to one of them..this to me is weird and I am unsure what is going through this users mind when I comment or want to buy one of their items.

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I love this your so right!
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Money is serious for some, not for others.  Just roll with the flow.

I am one of the serious money people, send me a question...  Smiley Wink  HeartSmiley LOL

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If it's been sitting for a while your price is probably too high.