Its not lowballing its called offer up..

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Its easy a seller sets his price and he can reduce or not people can offer anything they want seller doesn't have to accept i dont have problems with people you offer way less i just dont at there price simple Toyman
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Exactly sweety! Hello.....
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Thank you Toyman
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When you express your feelings aka emotions to a concern that is not involving you nor did you take the time and read the context of the concerns you so deeply and long windedly analyzed for everyone you wouldn't appear so hypocritical and offer a solution not a open ended analogy that again is not symonous to the actions of the administratoms of this site which I will take thIs opportunity to remind you is a shelter for scammers. SCAMMERS. NOT LOW BALLERS. THIEFS. ROBBERS. SCAMMERS. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE LINK AVAILABLE LEAVING PEOPLE WIDE OPEN FOR THESE SCAMMERS. You reference emotional attacent of material items. WRONG. it's the blatant fraud that we all are experiencing except for you. Good Luck with that. Don't you think you should obtain your psych degree before publicly diagnosing individuals mental health??? I know I obtained mine before I made conjectures about people's motives and reactions. Thankyou for your humor. Educate yourself before educating others. Have a good evening.
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My basic price gauge whether I’m selling or buying is pretty much 1/3 of retail price. I’ve been haggling for years now. The little nickel (that’s an age gauge) eBay, Craig’s list, OfferUp, Let Go, FB. So, when I list an item, for the most part I expect to get a third of what I paid for it, if I bought it retail. I always list it higher than my bottom line to leave some wiggle room for haggling. If an item isn’t moving and I’m not getting any hits, I’ll lower it a bit once maybe twice and then I’ll archive it for awhile. Then later I’ll repost with better pics or more pics and an edited and/or more detailed description. I love the thrill of of the sell and race of the chase. It can definitely become addictive. My husband and son never know what they’re waking up to in the morning or coming home to in the evenings. I definitely can say I have very little to zero attachment to things anymore. Things in my home are very fluid. Things come and then things go. It’s actually very therapeutic and a humble reminder that nothing lasts forever and it’s ok to let things go. So you can make room for NEW THINGS.. Lol