Its not lowballing its called offer up..

Level 5 do not report like that. Let me say this to you Panama, I happen to be a serious seller which takes pride in my items. 1...I do not post cheap, torn, smelly, clothes or shoes if any I post NEW shoes that have their box. Some clothes NEW with tags. Other items lightly worn. Handbags of high end quality. None of my items are stolen nor handed down to of came down to me from the sky. Then here come the buyers wanting to dictate prices on MY ITEMS. Excuse me???? No No No!!!! Now if they make an offer that it's REASONABLE I (might consider it) likely not why? Because if I paid for a handbag 500.00 used maybe 4 or 5 ocassion the bag is in mint condition no scuffs the lining no smell no smears. And I post it for $135.00 and a cheap low offer of $50.00 PLEASE IT IS AN INSULT. SORRY I AM GOING TO REPORT THE THIEFS.
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@PanamaCobra  @Amy49


I can't make this stuff stated: "I myself sick of the dirt, cheap, lowers. I just block them and report them."?



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@PanamaCobra Thank you. I fully, totally understand people want to save or make money, but please those low ballers are so ridiculous. I decided to go Poshmark because these low people think they are in the goodwill even there are pricy.
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@Amy49   & @Lapua


I am amazed that there is a rule against low ball offers. I am also surprised there is so many people that get so upset at them. What exactly defines a low ball offer? Some percentage of the sellers price, or how high the sellers blood pressure goes? Instead of getting so upset when you get a low ball offer why not just ignore it, say no, or make a counter offer?


Amy49 exactly how does a low ball offer, or any offer "dictate" your price? And seriously, how does a low ball offer make someone a "THIEF"? Lifes too short people. Don't get upset just hit delete.


I am going to go find someplace to hide now Smiley Happy


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@PanamaCobra lol well steam has to escape somewhere some how. I say what I feel. No filter here, tell it like it is.😁😉
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Completely agree @PanamaCobra

Sometimes users don't even put a price to start negotiating from, they just say 'no lowballing'

I'm sitting there looking at my phone like 'what the—'

People should respond in the way you described when an offer is presented no
matter the price — it's what I do.
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Hey now... New here.. 1st posts I've looked at and haven't yet bought, sold or hardly even looked at anything else. Just thought I would "check the pulse" so 2 speak, of OU by looking here 1st. Just wntd2say (I think I'm replying 2 "PanamaC'?) that u took the words right out of my mouth. All I read was something about someone actually reporting someone 4 making low bids, as if that was a serious thing done here. All I could think is "are they kidding me"? How ridiculous it sounded... I mean I don't yet know the rules here or how exactly this site works but I would just ignore any bid I wasn't interested in, like I would do in any other auction type setting. There must be something more to it that I'm not yet aware of. So I will try 2 find the rules. I actually tried to find rules & Q&A earlier, using my phone but could not find any. I will again but it shouldn't ever be hard to find the rules of the road. 2ndly, unless I can find a setting to chng it, I probably won't be posting anymore bcuz this won't go 2 landscape mode & I cannot stand 2 read/type in portrait. Too difficult for me.
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@nyt file 13.
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"Low balling" is a subjective term, and I had to do a double-take when it first appeared as one of the options in the reporting tab. BTW, it's not a rule, but the seller has the option of reporting someone for it.


An item is only worth what someone is willing to pay and varies from from one place to another.   No one cares what the seller originally paid for the item, nor does anyone care what the retail  price was  either.  In the end, this is a just a virtual garage sale.

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