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Anyone drove/worked doing POSTMATES? the delivery service you go and get what they paid for and u bring it to them ?! Do they pay good? Need to show proof of anything like license,insurance, ownership of vehicle etc.. background checks ?THE PAY IS by hour and tips & how much and how often are you yo.get a paycheck?
Tips right away?if it's on card ,then how fast is all your tips and paychecks sent to ur account or is there a way u cash out without having a prepaid card or bank account? I know yes,I will do my own RESEARCH, once I have time- but thought I'd ask a few quick easy questions, so NO RUDE RESPONSES ALLOWED!No,none, please -just shut that mouth up, keep it closed if u like to be arrogant and sarcastic cuz I hate those type of ppls personalities!! Thank u ahead of time and go!!
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Hi. Names Monty .Want to but in my app.