Just got called a dick...will he get banned?

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Just block the guy and move on. Life is too short to get worked up over rude people
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This woman named Gabby from Kennesaw just called me acronyms for piece of sh$t Ni$$er. She needs to be banned. She got upset because I sold an item instead of waiting on her and she could’ve very well taken advantage of the hold fee commitment but she didn’t. She called me a **bleep** too. This is crazy
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Thank you for reporting this, @Lynnber and I'm sorry you experienced this. As stated previously, racist terms likw that are terms for removal. Again, I'm sorry you experienced this, and we will make sure our Customer Care team takes action.

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That's unacceptable behavior. She should be banned and her account should be terminated. Sorry that happened to you.
Exactly! While some think they are the truth is NO BODY is perfect! We all have bad days and we all make mistakes. No it's not right and we get upset/angry when others do things that are rude but it's life, it happens. #guilty
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Ok so how would you describe your behavior right now?
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Well, were you in fact being a **bleep**? Did you at all imply that you might ship the item? Perhaps by accident?
Nope...He kept messaging me over weeks about a $5 item that he wanted me to ship. He wouldnt take no for an answer. I'm not gonna burn $10 in gas for a$5 item.
That sucks but probably be considered light namecalling......
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@hess_adventures I even told you racist terms were grounds for removal. Being called a name that gets tossed around by kids these days is nowhere even close to getting called a very derrogatory racist name, with intent to tear someone down just because of their skin color. The two are worlds apart and if you don't understand how these are so different, than I don't know what to say.

The person that called you a dick has never had any other reports against them, so they were warned. The person that used racist terms towards @Lynnber had several reports against them for being racist, so they were removed.