Just made my first sale on offer up....

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Hi, there,

So, yes I just made my first sale here in offer up (with shipping). I was on offer up a couple of years ago and sold a couple of items only for "pick up"

Okay, so I shipped the order today. I placed my bank account such as routing, account #, etc....but now offerup is asking me for MORE including my "ssn". I mean, I'll only get $26 dollars and a couple of cents out of this transaction. Why it's the app asking for so many things?

Okay, now...I won't provide more personal info and I want my money, because I'll already did my part all in a responsible way. I've sold on ebay many, many times. Ebay doesn't ask for that much, I just register my PayPal account and that's it!.

As things go so far if this is going to be this hard here, then it'll be my last selling with shipping in offer up. It does not worth so many personal info for just selling an item which coast only $28 bucks.

Even if I dont provide my ssn I'll still receive my money, right?

Thanks and hope you can help me, guys.


The request for the SSN# is a direct result of the implementation of the Patriot Act (major change in banking laws...Bank Secrey Act and Customer Identification Program from "9/11"), since the funds will be deposited into your bank account.


FYI, eBay never requested your SSN# since Paypal already had it even if you never submitted your SSN# to them, since you linked your bank acct (eBay owned Paypal until 2015) to deposit and withdraw funds.


You will not receive your money without submitting the SSN#. You could try to ask for a gift card (worth a try), if you don't want to submit your SSN#.

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I can't believe this!!!. No I won't put any more of my personal info in offer up. I refuse to put give my ssn#.

There's need to be a way to get my money. Is there a way I can contact directly offer up. Now, is there isn't a way to contact offer up then that's a big "warning" for me.




Choose the "shipping" box.

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I'm feeling scammed by offerup so far. It looks like they maintain their position in not give me my money. My dad won't allow me to provide more info to the website.

Is there a way I can arrange a solution with buyer? I contacted the buyer and let situation. He said he's sorry, he doesn't want me to loose my money and asked me what can we do them.


In your current situation, there is nothing that the buyer can do for you, unless he wants to pay 2x.