Leaving a Review

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Can the Buyer leave the Seller a Review FIRST, before the Seller leaves the Buyer a Review? Does Offer Up allow the Buyer an.option to leave the Seller a Review before the Seller leaves a Review?
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Hi @TheRealDeal no the buyer can not leave a review first, they can only give you a review after you give a review first. Also there are new tools OfferUp has added when you get a chance take a look,
Here’s what you will see,
if you open a persons items listed for sale just below their ratings⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ you will see their response time, meaning how long it takes them to answer questions.
Also, you will see My Offers which is their listed items for sale (pictures). To the right of that is Profile; you can either slide the pictures to the left or tap on the word Profile to open the page. This will show you Positive reviews based on sales and purchases, if they are on time, reliable, friendly, how they communicative. Below you will see Connections showing Followers and Following. You also have a Follow which enables you to follow that person. Also new options for car dealerships at the bottom of some dealers pages their are estimated payment, also you have the option to customize estimate. Hope this helps you in the future. 😊
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I left a Buyer a Review and even messaged them that I left them a 5 star review and Thanked them for their business. They responded with a Thank you, but they didn't leave me a review. Thas shady and I was so nice and professional with the transaction.
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Yep @TheRealDeal just give them a little time maybe they will do it later. If not it happens from time to time. 😊
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Ok. And I made a sale to a couple. I gave them a good deal on an item, I even shook their hands and Thanked them. I immediately gave them a 5 star, the next day they gave me a 4 star. I don't understand why they gave me a 4 star Smiley Sad
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Yes @TheRealDeal that’s frustrating I agree, maybe OfferUp will address this issue in the future. Just hang in there 😊
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I got cheated by seller and wanted to leave bad review but he never acknowledged selling the item and I couldn't leave review. Apparently he knew this loop hole and sold several more but no feedback.
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Hi. You seem to be super knowledgeable. Does my ability to rate and review my transaction with a crappy seller expire after a certain amount of time? I received the notification to review. However; there was some serious issues with the phone I purchased from her. We were back and forth attempting to work it all out, but in the end, she screwed me out of a $200 iPhone 6s Plus + the $76 phone plan + SIM card/activation I paid for that ended up literally going to waste, as I could not afford a different phone to replace the broken/stolen $200 one she sold me.
Point being; in the midst of trying to get her to figure out the entire mess as to why 5 different phone companies were all telling me the phone couldn’t be connected but gave me different reasons as to why - the review notification was waiting on my reply, but within weeks of this mess of back and forth, the notification finally disappeared. Any way to review the transaction still? If not, can I ask OfferUp to please allow me to review it now that the situation ended? Thanks very much!
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I know you didn't ask me, but if you go under Buying it should still be in the chat logs for that item.

I don't think that has changed.

Although, keep in mind whatever they rated you will show up after you've rated them back.
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i don think u can