Local pickup mixed in with shipping that's not local

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Why is it that y'all find this as "GOOD" marketing skills. this is a joke and is making me not want to use this app and why do you need my address or location if it's irrelevant to local pickups all I get are out of state sellers

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Don't think cursing at staff or the void is going to help resolve your issue...

Sound like you have something enabled or the app has a bug.

These tend to resolve after some time.

You may just need to reset your city manually after or do so after clearing cache / data

It would really help if you told us what you have tried so far to resolve this issue.

Including things like, do you have GPS on?

Have you tried clearing cache / data?

Via WiFi or cell data?

Does the zip code npt stick after the app is rebooted?

Who's asking for your address?
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I've tried all that believe me when I say I'm no noob to technology in fact I've been to school for linx/Unix , however even if that was the case it's werid how I've had this going on for the last 3 devices 1 Android 2 iPhone xrs this is not a mistake or an issue with software thanks for the help but it's deeper then some guy who thinks I'm dropping f bombs on the people here, it's the situation I'm angry at
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Humble brags aside.

Then you would be aware that the issue should resolve itself and is common.

This seems to occur when they update features on the fly or there is something wrong server side.

Giving you either a wrong city and even providing a state such as CA, US or TX, US in some cases.

But I'm sure you already knew this, just decided to vent?

"thinks I'm dropping f bombs on the people here"

I don't think that, you said that.

"Why do you need my f- address"

My point was just be friendlier if you want people to help out.

My assumption was that the "you" was aimed at staff / devs

No other way to interpet that, unless like I said you're venting, in which case I'll leave you to it.

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~$ ls
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Hi there, @Jayr22! Swearing is not allowed here on these forums, so I've edited your post. 


I'd recommend double-checking your location from the desktop website, or to make sure you aren't including shipping enabled items when searching local.