Locked out of account and forced to join truyou after 2 years?

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I have been locked out of my account because offerup is forcing me to verify to join truyou.  This isnt right.  I have spent over two years of building a perfect reputation and over 100 followers only to be forced to join something that is optional?  I have not broken any terms of services, and my account prooves that people have nothing but positive things to say.  Can someone unlock my account please?  This is bull crap. 



Your behavior has prompted the TruYou request from the automated security algorithm.


Your account will be useless until you join. There is no one that can help you here (even the forum mod. cannot make an exception on this matter).


If you still want to use OfferUp, you can opt to create another account (use a different device).

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I do not like the response that you got back at all.. also im never in this area to see these posts.. i stumbled upon this by accident, but since im here ill give my 2 cents.. i do not know the whole story, but from what i have read so far.. i really think they have gotten to big, and they do not realize that customer care, or for better words, member care is important.. with 2 years of positive feedback, and your locked out bc an automatic system kicks u off with out a way to fix , obviously someone is getting lazy or they just do not care about there members to have set up a program that can do this on its own, and not have it set to where it can be manually fixed, rather just set it and forget it, and sorry but the program is our official say so... this really makes me just to not want to use offer up... there are other reasons i have as well.. i have had nothing but good business on here buying and selling, but the app needs more time spent on things that are already in place as is and not all this new stuff.. things need to be perfected then grow.. lastly offer up is where they are because of their members.. this is a shame what tour going through and for my honest opinion, really wasnt Handled in any way shape or form with quality care.. and rude.. im just sayen.. id be boycotting this app if i got that answer.. and i have a butt load of friends on here that i put here.. now im not saying for u to take these steps, but i would personally use another app all together... not to get a reason, other then sorry i cant help u u fell into the execution pile, but go too this site where only the rejected members are forced to go.. thumbs down for me on the reply back..


Yes, "user behavior" based on an objective set of parameters...hence, the algorithm.
OfferUp seems to use TruYou as a passive security measure/deterrent.


The ratings/feedback are subjective and easily manipulated, as there is no definitive distinction between "shipped' and "local/in-person" completed transactions. As of this post, it is still very too easy to create multiple accounts.