Lowball offers and handouts

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Okay, got it
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Thats going to happen when sellers provide NO discription of condition and post 1 crappy picture. I'm sorry to say that 99% of the adds are like this. I buy guitars and most sellers don't even put what brand  it is and just say "normal condition",WTF!. I thought Craigslist was bad but Offerup is 10x worse. I'll stick to garage sales Thank you

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Unfortunately, it is difficult to get folks to post good descriptions and pics. However, that's not the reason for lowballers. Not even close. It's mostly about reselling your items for their profit. While there are a few who very make low offers, might be looking at your item because they have a true interest; that's the minority in my opinion.


I've sold several guitars, basses, amps and effects. You really aren't going to see great descriptions much of anywhere other than dedicated guitar or music platforms. You don't even get a decent pictures, as you stated, much less info about neck, frets, electronics or age/year. Stay active, lots of other topics.

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Maybe I'm wrong in assuming that if someone is buying something from you, it's their responsibility to come and pick it up or meet where the seller chooses , but I've had a few people expecting me to bring the item to them after I've already dropped the price, but it's not something I'm willing to do so I haven't done it. It just seems strange to me. Am I wrong?
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Let me amend that statement. I'm willing to do it if they're local but not cities away or even one city away.
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Unless it's on the way or convenient for you, don't offer delivery. You will lose any/all leverage. For insance, what happens if the buyer decides not to buy it after you have spent time and fuel to deliver it? Be careful of those that offer gas money, as it is ony relevant if they decide to buy it.


Personally,  it does not matter if the person is even only 1 mile away and willing to buy an item that is $500 or $5000. If someone wants to buy it, they will make the effort.

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I had the same thing happen to me on my first sale. I had a wedding band and 1/4 kt. real diamond engagement ring for sale @ $125.00. I got many hits on it, then lowered the price in hopes to sell it. The person said she got lost on her way to meet me, and wanted me to accept $25.00 less to pay for her gas. I was with my ex when he paid $395. for the set, so I sure as heck wasn't going to take her sob story!
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I'm not a fan of lowballers either. What I do is check to see what they are selling and reply to them only if you sell me " blank blank blank" , and give them am equally ridiculous offer right back... That way they know what it feels like before blocking them. I've had a couple of customers re-submit higher offers and we were then able to do business. However some people just don't grasp the theory of common sense.. Hope this helps a little.
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Sorry this is long
Yup, I check too to see if the lowball offer comes from another reseller. 95% of the time it does. This typically goes for retro video games. I had a few people flat out tell me they are looking to make at least 1/3 more in profit from their lowball offer. Then argue with me when I say no or try to make a reasonable deal.

Some lowballers simply don't know the current retro game collectors market. I get lowballs from the people who would say "this is old junk" If it's old junk why do you want it?

Or I get the classic sob stories "I used to have this as a kid but my Mom gave it away, Dad smashed it with a hammer, or <OTHER stereotypical="" mom=""> so I really want to get this again. Do you think I could buy it for $<LOWBALL offer="">? Please, I want to share this with my kids." To which I tell them, I'm sorry, this is how the retro game market is now. I price around ebay or what i've previously sold said item for, probably a few dollars less since there's no fees, shipping, etc. Then I give a reasonable offer &amp; they either run away, argue, or very rarely we both agree on a price.

I do what you do sometimes, look through their profile &amp; ask them for stuff, sometimes they feel insulted because they think it's a low offer. But now they know how I feel.</LOWBALL></OTHER>
No you're not wrong. If they want it they'll come get it. I sometimes just say in the ad.. Can deliver if not too far, or just simply reply.. I have to be honest here, I've already lowered the price and outs just not convenient for me to deliver. If they insist.. I then ask them what buses would i need to take to get to you, and how much do those cost? They usually get the hint, and will then come get it or just move on. Another thing you can try is. If they offer you less than asking, and you're still ok with the price.. Reply " I can give at the discounted price you want, but only if you're picking the item up TODAY. The price goes back up if deal can't be done TODAY..
That way they know if they want that deal..They have to go get it. The ball is in their court.