Lowball offers and handouts

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I neverr thought about it that way. The first thing I ask is if the price is negotiable, especially if it been listed for aa while. If it hasn't sold for 6 months to a year, I assume there might be a good reason.
Omg I completely agree with you. I take very good care of my kids items. So when I sell it on offer up, its clean, no damage and still useable. I'll check what the going rate is brand new and what other people are selling it for and look at the condition of what they are selling before I price it and people will ask to pay almost 50% less than what I'm asking or say can I bring it to them cause they dont got a car. But no gas money is offered. Am I wrong to expect at least an offering of gas money if I'm delivering it to them?
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1st if someone doesn’t show up with the amount that they agreed. Tell them sorry they wasted your time and walk away. I would even consider reporting them.

2nd. In Mexico and in other foreign countries asking “ what’s the least you’ll take “ or some variation is how people commonly negotiate. My family is from there and it’s so annoying to me too but I have to tell myself they do not know they’re driving me crazy and they’re not being disrespectful they actually asking what do you have to have for it? So I always add about 10% or so to what I really want for an item and then come down some they feel like they got a deal.

3rd. On the topic of low ballers. As mentioned above tend to list things for 10-20% higher than I really want. I will counter any offer that is 50% or higher and will most of the time settle on 75-80% of the price I listed. Under 50% I’ll Say

“Thanks for the offer But I Believe my item is in excellent Condition and will eventually sell for close to my asking price. Let me know if you can come closer to my price. Thanks!”.

I have that response saved in an auto text replacement so it’s swift and don’t have to think about it because my natural response would @&$! Off! That reply has lead to many counter offers that lead to a sale.

Finally. If someone offers say 30% or lower of my asking price. I immediately use the report user feature for making a low offer. Not sure if it dings their rating but at the minimum it blocks them and you won’t have to deal with them again. I wish that report low offer rating was easier to see and use. I think it would help serious sellers weed out the “low ballers”

BTW. I also report users who miss meet times and won’t wast time meeting them again.

Happy Fathers Day Everybody
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Absolutely walk away. When I chat, text or talk to a potential buyer I always let them know that the asking price is what I will accept no more and definitely not accepting less.
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Great input, @MrDrewGarcia! Welcome to our community Smiley Very Happy

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Yes the world is full of scammers. And greed is one of the most obvious sins. But not everyone is out to scam. Not everyone has a hidden agenda. This app puts people out of their comfort zones at times, and introduces strangers from all kinds of different circumstances, different backgrounds, different religions, different ethnicities, etc. And to some people this app is strictly to either buy or sell goods. But I feel to many others, its a way to push fears aside, and show the world one person at a time that we are all practically good hearted, funny, shy, caring people. Most of us have the intuition to help separate genuine and honest from fraudulent and selfish. We arent helping if we let our fears and prejudices take over. This is a place where we can leap past those walls that keep us divided. That keeps us afraid of the unknown. Of the stereotypes. Some of us realize that its not just about dollars and cents. If thats all life is about, then what do you expect from the next coming generations. I think that there is much more to life than that. And what better way to spread love and hope, and show compassion than to use your intuition and help the people who you do feel are genuine. Who do really FEEL honest. It doesnt mean to give away all of your items, it just means stop and think for a second how your extra stuff piled up in the attic, or spread out across the backyard, or scattered around the house could be a small miracle to someone else. A small act of selflessness can be a life changing thing. It really helps put things in perspective, of how we are very fortunate. It is a form humility to realize how selfish and self absorbed we can be, and that there is a whole lot of things to celebrate about this world than just dollars and cents. That is not what life is about. That is not what we want our children to value above all else. Its a false hope. Because there will never be "enough" to satisfy those wants. Think about it the next time you are in a conversation with a complete stranger on here. You might actually find that less really is more...that by being generous and kind, you will be more satisfied and pleased and humbled, that you might actually prove me right..
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Awesome analysis. I have not been low balled on any my for sale item's ... should this happen will know exactly what my options are going to be. I presently don't have any handouts matter of fact I have nothing I'd want to give away and wait for the customer to pick it up.
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Hey @cyclomatic it’s 57CHEVY I have a question I have a signed T-Shirt by a Deadliest Catch Captain how do I find out if buyers would be interested should I just post it and put Negotiable or with a certain price?
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Would that happen to be a Marlin Crawler / Experience El Dorado T-Shirt?

I'm not certain. It would require a little research. Autographs that include a certificate of authenticity or verified are worth more. It's a specialized show that would likely require a special fan or collector.

From what I've seen and experienced, memorabilia doesn't seem to do very well, here on OfferUp. Way, way too many lowballers looking to grab these items. The majority of the rest, don't have a true knowledge about the cost and/or value for some items.


Do some searches on eBay, and know sometimes, those prices for memorabilia don't tell the whole story. Way too high on many items.


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I’ve done my research I know what the shirts worth I got the shirt from Painsville in the Park Festival when Captain Johnathan Hillstrand was there. It’s authentic I watched him sign it. But I have another one this ones Red and I’m not a very big fan of Red we’ll see and I’ll let you know what happens. Thx 57Chevy
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