Lowball offers and handouts

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If you know the value of your item than sell it for what's fair.
If your not sure about the price, a good tip especially if your item is common is to search it and see what others selling price is and maybe go $5 or more less if you want it sold quickly.
Sometimes with lowball offers a great comeback is, "Thanks but I'm waiting on a higher offer". And sometimes wait for that higher offer.
If no luck then post, post and post again...

Also helps to add "Deal" or a word similar In the title (if that's what your offering) to get extra attention.

Sometimes if the deal they are offering is way too low, check out their page and do a lil trade/money deal.
Sometimes people have what you want without even knowing it thus both parties will be happy.

You will get low ball offers its not disrespect, everyone wants a deal.

Lastly handouts!!!! Watch out for the sob stories. I'm not saying to ignore the people or don't bless someone. Just be cautious of who your giving too. I've had multiple times where people say they are struggling and need baby items, furniture or can you do this for me since I am a single mom/dady/teen or know a friend that needs help.
Then they arrive in a way nice car, look like they have a partner, look well off and honestly appear in a better situation than the horrible picture that was painted. And I could be terribly wrong for judging but the fact is : People are Scamming others everyday and in anyway they can including every app they can. Bottom line just be aware and cautious of those type of messages/stories from potential buyers. If your looking to give handouts talk to your friends, co-workers or neighbors to find out who is in need.

I've givin stuff away just to see it posted the next day. Which is cool.
Just giving a perspective of someone's hustle.

Is it cool blessing a lying, fake?
Not any cooler than being lied to or tricked.

So be careful & stay safe my friends.
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@Yooyo18--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! I hope you have an amazing opportunity to interact with other buyers and sellers, as well as share your thoughts and ideas with others!!

Sometimes people make low offers for different reasons: it's what they can afford, & sometimes in the description items may say "negotiable"--but if the item is marked firm & people still make offers, it's okay to respectfully decline. Welcome!!

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When people message me, "What's your lowest?", I immediately reply back, "What's your highest?".

If they don't want to meaningfully negotiate, I'll cut straight to the chase too.
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Yes I totally agree @jd41 what I do mostly is price my items at firm, cuts down somewhat of the lowball offers, they still make offers anyway, through the ask question option, but will take a little longer to sell things.
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It's true your always going to have people lowballing you. And I agree most people don't mean any disrespect, but when a buyer offers you less than fifty percent of your asking price and gets offended when you make a counter offer that sucks. What happened to the art of the haggle? It used to be someone would offer you a low amount, you would say no but how about this much. And usually somewhere in the middle you both land on a number that is acceptable to both parties. Now days it seems people want to make one super low offer and that's it. I mean I as the seller am more than willing to be flexible, but not to the point I'm cutting my own throat
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I’ve given litters of kittens away on CL, talk about stressful!!!!!
You get like 8 billion responses, all of which say they can, and will come right now. BS! They don’t, or they want to know what the kitten comes with. REALLY? Like clothes? Or, I’ve been asked if I could deliver the free kitten, and bring some food also. People are amazingSmiley Wink
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My worst pet peeve is when you meet someone and they tell you “I only have this much.” I will turn and walk away. To agree to a price and state you didn’t bring enough doesn’t make sense. You couldn’t do that at a store. I could see if something about it wasn’t to your expectations but that’s not what is said.
I always do my research when I price. I hate being asked what’s the lowest I will take. I typically don’t reply. I price things far below trend and I hate when people expect something for nothing. I sell things that I know are in great condition and I know how much I paid for it.
I think people on offer up can be unrealistically cheap. I didn’t steal it and it didn’t fall from the sky, so why would I “give” it away.
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Good for you👍
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Check their items if they have or sold, if it’s similar to what you’re selling then they only interested in getting it cheaper so they can resell themselves for higher price. Sometimes I get questions that looks like kid typed on their tablet, since offerup is an app any devices supporting it can become a “user ”.
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Oh my! I hear this and stories on a daily with my clothing of bundles I have posted, I hear so many stories and I want to believe them cause it's my nature to trust but I'm no dummy either! Just make a deal and move on. I don't fall for it! I do tell my ppl ( follow me, I do post items for free and you will be sure to not miss my next deal ) if I wanted to give it away think about it, I'd drop to goodwill! Which I do that too if items aren't selling and it's not worth my bother. What gets me is I offer FREE!! And plan to meet u and you don't show up and write me later or next day apologizing u missed cause u over slept, well my answer will always be the same, sorry but I'm not meeting up again or you missed our meet up once. ( that bottom
Line )
Thinking to myself ; I'm not begging you to take my free "lol" the curb gets faster action! And less travel 😝
Offers are welcome but unless I say it's free it's most likely not gonna be
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Ahh the things people they think they can get away with when it’s not a face to face negotiation...lol