Lowball offers and handouts

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Well what really **bleep** me off is when u agree to meet and the price and your ask what kind of vehicle they drive they tell your either a 2018 Jeep or 2018 Audi and they haggle about price. If they can afford high priced cars they can afford our set prices. Fair is Fair.
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Or some people want a item for $5.00 and turn around and ask if you will deliver that item. Or ask if you will hold an item and you do so and then they stand you up. I'm starting to charge for delivering and if they want it held they can pay for it first through pay pal.
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Absolutely agree. Too many people want to offer extremely low prices! It's offerup

not offerdow.   I don't have garage stuff that's laying around for years, flee marietnitems to get rid of. My items are new, I have a cistbin them. I state furmmpricevand they still want to make a offer. 

Im telling you it ticks me off to,no,end


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@Billlee--I've seen on the OfferUp app that when people put in the description "price is firm" they include "not accepting offers" or "no offers accepted" then buyers are less likely to inquire if they not able to pay the set price. I hope this helps!!
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Had something like that happen to me also
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I have noticed this myself. 1 particular situation: had an old wedding ring, way past divorced, valued over $1g easy, put it up for $60 (situations smh) this woman that was all belonged up, asked me to meet her an hour or of my way, late, agreed on price, was very impressed w/ quality, used same quote "I only have $20 on me" & "sorry I didn't understand" claimed a language issue (Spanish, but with a very with a strong English accent) while driving up in a more Lexus SUV. I needed three gas to get back home, but still told her that it wasn't going to work out and proceeded to ask away. She miraculously came up with a magical $20. I took it and left. As much as it is a part of the process, but there is a point where it darn right insulting.

Knowing that everything will always be a negotiation is #1 (when a st8 deal=blessing), knowing where your limitations are, key.
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@FBphone--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! It's amazing, when people want something bad enough, the money they can "come up with." In the past I've had a couple of situations where the person "forgot the agreed price." When we confirm the meet & the person is at the location, it's okay to state again the price so the person has the opportunity to have that amount. I've even met in a public plaza 2 minutes from where I live there are 2 banks to help avoid a money shortage from occuring. Thanks so much for sharing your story!! Welcome!!
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I ran into same situation but let me tell you never again will i sell to lowballer their names should be lowlife offers.
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Haggling is all part of offer up. It's looking for a deal. It's pefectly fine to haggle you down 30-40% and then meet up with yoy in an audi.. Maybe I'm an idiot leasing it for $900/mo..
However renegotiating at the meeting point is unacceptable unless the item is s not as described or expected.
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I find it kinda insulting that someone being buy or leasing an expensive car would even suggest offering a lowball price for any items I’m selling or anyone else for that matter. If u can afford the payment for the car u can afford my price! PERIOD