Lowball offers and handouts

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No it's not that important. Split second is all it will take. It's beginning to be that time of year, Robberies, Breakins, Murders. Gets dark earlier. I choose Walmart (police security). Home Depot they patrol and Walgreen's on patrol. If they can't we'll schedule another time. Client 2yrs ago would sit across road and watch me. Follow me to.. Until he seen my protector haven't seen him since. Lol. Life matters your lives matter, Use your judgement and listen to your gut feeling.
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Different places in our City and surrounding cities the police have set up places for people to meet or they will always be there.
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I always do my meets where I know they have cameras and they r watching surrounding areas. I’ve suggested police stations but then I’ve never heard from them again they blocked ME
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What Walmart has police security? Not Mine. We only see them when someone get caught shoplifting. I work for Walmart.
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Not everyone can afford to pay a lot of $ like others can good doing will always come back to you!!
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So you sold him something or did he change his mind? Sometimes people hit the wrong buttons. Are u sure it was him who textd you that you were out of ur mind and he is a dirty perv? What could he possibly be finding something to perv on offered from your account? Why would he say that after buying something? What is he interested in buying from you now? Is he picking it up or are you mailing it to him? Hard to answer ur questions without knowing these answers first. I say if he says anything ever else weird report and block him. And dont have him meet you anywhere.
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"I see no reason to respond negatively "Sorry, but $____ is the lowest I'm willing to go. Let me know if you're still interested. Redbox Tv | Cloud Tv | Videoder

This is why I don't like only communicating with essages. I don't know any of you personally so I can't have anyway to know what angle you might come from with advice or if you a person like me that if it's a truly tight budget something that would make a young mom's whole year to have this patio furniture or decor for a teen or to give a great holiday decorated to the nines in an apartment cus dad got the big house and now mom's starting all over or is a resaler trying to make a come up and mistake kindness for weakness... I had a buyer three times come here and gave her deals because she sells her items so low and thru me making a few bits she really seemed great so I got an amazing portable washer and dryer now this woman tells me her sick daughter has never had a one in her home and 3 boys so now she's lugging laundry and I said OMG.. well how much could she afford she said I'd have to buy it with what you spenton the shutters I you know what bless her and please any shutters or chandeliers I need them... For my son's wedding. This was only used twice and had amsco price tag 699 dollars.. one year not even old. She leaves and post it it on her site for 325 dollars and never offered me a penny more than the 25 dollars she gave me and I confronted her and she said it wouldn't fit the trailer doorway. And her daughter said it would. Get stolen outside on her carport. So her daughter sold it I said excuse me I have given you a deal because your stressed daughter sick extra blah blah so I gave you a huge ticket item because you acted as if she was destitute. And never once did you think when your post said what it was actually worth should you offer half to me??? That's crooked. And she owns a large boutique and has brought one owner acting like they were picking behind the husband's backs and all this hiding and had to spend under this amount or man would know she was thrifting yada yada and again wealthy woman forgot she had met me when she came to an estate sale I was hosting and wasn't working in a yard but looked like a hostess.. I asked her how the boutique was doing and the antique concrete poodle she had to get for her mom but had only 5 bucks on her I said you posted firm at 105 and the told me my tolerance chandelier wasn't real and offered me 15 dollars but actually was worth 655 dollars so beware. There is different approaches to sails sometimes by saying negotiable you can get way more than you thought but always let people know but know one wrote anything that I read as rude and level ten or brand new has nothing to do with she was reading what she would have done.. remember we possibly know what infliction that individual is using. There is culture . Moods. Seasoned online resaler maynot understand a new stay at home mom who sold some things and maynot be come from our frusterated situation of turning people away then losing out and it's a bill due day and that twenty bucks was needed.. know what I mean.. so venting good we have all been there.. but don't make someone feel as though your higher ranking when she at least took the time bto read you frausteration and then offered what she would've done not even knowing you. So let's remember I to so easy for us to remember we are all selling or buying our things here because have bills and we can help our community by going here I have to sell this way lowered because I can't store it or it's wrong color or it's priced to sell cus child support or student loan or whatever our reasoning remember we are helping each other.. and if not then do higher priced items on other venues. Offer up and let it go is always the lowest... I can get 5 times as much on my Etsy page but I may need cash today not having time to ship then wait trial period then wait for it to clear my card so it's hard. However Iver learned when the resaler shows interest and ask you what are you wanting for that know your stuff and stick too it... because some resaler bknow collectors.. soooo ask them is it collecting or selling and then get last selling price you could verify and say if you going to resale I'll leave you room for profit but I'm firm at this if your collecting than we both know **bleep** good and bwell what it's worth and you think I'm not aware so no you offer the post was negotiable and I will counter if your not in the right bracket... so all of remember this is an amazing opportunity to make cash and get things we need or bless others or provide for our families and also shoe our children how we pay it forward and don't waste things but teach the value of something is always greater to someone who has an emotional tie to something that we may neot need so remember community being cordial and always seeing the best in people and if not nobody can Rob you of your peace or if you responded with a curteous so sweet response that they end up feeling bad. Sir why couldn't you have explained byou had no money so we could have dissued this prior to now because it was misleading however I understand things happen however the price stated firm and I need the sale and I have to get this price and that's why I had firm.. always remember game recognizes game. Can't bhustle a hustler and always appreciate someone being honest and saying they are broke even if they are in a lexus. We don't know but they may come back one day and say thank you for excepting this andnpaymore or whatever. I was given a trailer because I helped a man I thought was homeless but actually had Alzheimer's had wondered out well I offered to sit with him and put in some alarms and gave the name of a private duty nurse yada yada yada yada because it's so expensive and Alf seem impersonal and it's alot well become to find out they were all Drs and appreciated someone treating them as just the kids who were scared because they knew first hand what they were facing but how could they balance their careers and and not famillies and have dad feel loved and adapt see Drs don't deal with people who go home and emotional and financial so now others think they know how to handle it but they dont.... ever nor do they usually change how they approach patients until they personally have been effected.. until they can't get a Dr to order these restraints off their father so he won't wonder off again because the Dr should have ordered sitter instead of aid so their is a protocol to protect everyone but they never thought about those borders until a Dr took an hour to call from the golf course to say oh yeah remove them and get a sitter. Next time they will not meaning to preach here but everyone please this is win win.. no need for anyone to ever be rude. And if people are rude and disrespectful block report and I always right back review and check what other sellers have said about the people I'm selling too... some people thinks it's fun to just bid and lead people on all day because they are loners who either don't have bills or resent that some of us actually make a living at this and don't hate our jobs like they do.. so peace live and hair grease and I'm going to unsubscribe to this community because it effected me badly at how in today's world people can misconstrued letters on a bscreen as rude and find acceptable to dress down strangers yet allow the individual causing the stress to walk away and never expressing how his actions have effected us. So if we can not say I won't accept this and start to tell people hey you can't do this to sellers on here it's not good and it's upsetting then guess what those people will continue and all of good ones will just leave... We are responsible for one thing and can only control one thing. 1st we set examples to our children daily of what wetolerate as far as being treated we do we have every right to say excuse I will not be spoken to that way or dismissed. If we would not allow someone to speak to our daughters like that then guess what you don't cus if it was okay for mom then guess it's exceptable. Also only thing we will ever be able to control is our responses to people... And let me tell you what sometimes their is nothing greater than saying sir the old me is feeling played however your struggeling just like me today so can you do anything at all or what did you have to trade you never know it could be worth more and if the buyer was a con say sir I'm going to pray for you and God is going to bless me right now for not saying what I truly feel so get on now with yourself. And truly you see were in control... Kk??? Blessing are new every morning.... Be kind to one another
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@Yooyo18--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! I hope you have an amazing opportunity to interact with other buyers and sellers, as well as share your thoughts and ideas with others!!

Sometimes people make low offers for different reasons: it's what they can afford, & sometimes in the description items may say "negotiable"--but if the item is marked firm & people still make offers, it's okay to respectfully decline. Welcome!!
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The worst for me is when I'm selling something "masculine" like a tool box or fishing gear. I get low-ball offers with all kinds of reasons why the product isn't worth what I'm asking. Meanwhile I've worked in manufacturing and fished my entire life... I know what I have.