Lowball offers and handouts

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@-57chevy--Hello, before the same thing showed up with my views, so I uninstalled the app, & then reinstalled it. Then the app updated & corrected itself. Also I've simply been able to log out of my account & then log back in & then the situation was corrected. I hope this helps!! If you still have an issue with your account, you can contact customer service:

OfferUp Customer care,

--Thank you for your time!!
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Thank you, I"m still a bit nervous about pushing the wrong buttons. I mean no harm. I'm just not very adept with smart phones or technology in general terrytgh
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@terrytgh-Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! This is a great opportunity to explore the different forums, interact with other buyers and sellers, & also share your experiences!! Also, you have the chance to learn a lot along the way!! Welcome!!
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@Counterstrike Well said! I’ve always bought and resold - started very young when my mom asked my brother and I to sell her surplus exotic veggies to our neighbors. I thought these will never sell!! Not only did they sell but they sold out. I was hooked on selling. My mom was smart too - who could resist buying from two kiddos pulling a little red wagon. Of course that was back in the day when you could tell your kids to go out and play and not have to worry. But I digress...

Frankly I don’t care what anyone does with any item I sell to them. If they are a reseller and have a customer they know will pay more, I’m glad for them. I made money, they made money. Maybe they’ll spend that money they made back
with me. Everyone wins. There are some things you can control and some things you can’t. Worrying about what one will do with your item after they’ve bought it is not something I care to do. I want to move on to the next sale. And resellers are some of my best customers.

On another note-lowballers. I’m selling a box of 12 kcup coffee pods for $2. I didn’t feel the need to mark it firm at the time because surely it was such a great bargain no one would offer me a buck!? Ha! I’ve sold a few - all customers have bought by the case because it’s such a great deal and makes it worth my time. This one buyer kept trying to buy it for $1. I told him he’d have to buy 50 boxes at that price. He says I don’t need that many. He keeps trying to meet outside of my parameters but I always say no. Every time I post a new coffee ad or if I mark it sold he responds (I’ve since marked it firm.) with -are you sold out, how much do you have left. It’s a little amusing. His last message was - where you get coffee from? I replied - why do you want to know? I haven’t heard from him since. I’d still love to sell him some coffee.

One last note as a buyer and a seller - this is my motto and it has served me well. Wish I remember where I first read it: Never judge another person’s pocket by your own.

Happy selling everybody!

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@0317 Great post!!! This should be required reading before starting to sell on OfferUp. Only one Kudos before me! No wonder everyone’s expectations are not being met on Offerup. Thanks for posting - you truly get it.

Maybe we need an OfferUp 101 Course.

PS - Why all the angry and offended and insulted in the forums? Life is short - this is just STUFF. And I love buying AND selling STUFF - don’t get me wrong. Even if you are making your living selling - it’s still just STUFF. You are letting STUFF control your well being.
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One situation that is exempt from your thinking, and should bring everybody’s pot to a boil.  Scammers!  Then it is not just “stuff”!  You are dealing with thieves that are not only trying to steal somebody’s stuff, but are possibly causing them to have problems with their bank, with their credit, or possibly having to deal with criminal charges being sought against them.  This problem is not “funny business”, but threatens all of us.  I have had personal experience with this on OfferUp.As easily as they can get one person, they can get a number of people.  SELLERS BEWARE!

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@TEG You are correct - I didn’t factor the Scammers in my thinking. I’m talking about the organic process of buying and selling STUFF. I’m sincerely sorry that you’ve had to deal with them as that could be any of us.

But I stand by STUFF. We’re talking apples (STUFF) and oranges (intent).
Agree. I have never met with a seller, Where we had an agreement before meeting that the price of that certain item was agreed upon!!! I totally feel you on that one
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Honestly I was afraid this site would include this risk because many sellers already price below market for new items. It’s not a swap meet forum but perhaps it needs an official statement saying it’s not? I lowered my original prices to clearly being a bargain to prevent lowball offers; any other suggestions? Thank you Smiley Happy
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I had this happen to me. I already agreed to a price that was about half my asking price. When I met up with the perso. was saying negative things about my item. Than he brought up how he now didnt want to pay what we agreed on and want to pay an even lower price. I turned to walk than he pulled out his money. In these types of case. I would rather smash my item into tiny pieces first before selling it to some low ball idiot