Lowball offers and handouts

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OUTSTANDING!!! Now, that statement was well put and SO TRUE!!

I wish that OfferUp would make a bulletin that comes across the app every time someone clicks on anything that has to due with trying to communicate with the seller.
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Lowballing isn't lowballing if they make an offer and you accept, right?
I completely agree and understand your problem. I have VERY nice, brand new and quality items and I price my items WELL below MSRP and ready to move. But it never stops these "Have nothing's" from cutting my price in half once its already been discounted by me to begin with. Then I get a SOB story. "I'm a single parent and I don't have enough to pay you your asking price, please have a heart and sell it too me for pennies on the dollar...?" I'm a single parent whose invested money into these nice NEW products I'm selling, so because of your problems I should take a loss. Much less breaking even... No one's EVER succeeded in Business by breaking even or taking losses. Not to mention the absolute baffling fact that IN YOUR PRODUCT DESCRIPTION IS EVERY-FREAKING-ANSWER TO EVERY QUESTION THEY HAVE! BUT THEY CAN'T BE BOTHERED WITH READING THE DESCRIPTION??? I
I placed small items, below 5 bux, as incentive items to purchase. They're marked FREE upon PURCHASE. And hundreds of people, ARE INTERESTED IN YOUR ITEM. Because its Free, but don't bother with reading ANYTHING ABOUT IT! Now I've removed small toys, novelty flash drives and various other unwanted trinkets meant to "drive sales". People see FREE and want it no matter what. People see your price for your item, and want it for FREE...
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I've been amazed at the amount of people who think it's ok to offer me almost half my asking price on stuff. . glad to see I'm not the only 1 annoyed by this.
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I don't always have a lot of stuff posted for sale, most people haggle fairly and I come back with a bottom dollar, they are fine. I have had an occasional dumb dumb ask if I would take next to nothing for an item, I politely respond no, but the best I can do is this, they messaged back and offered a small amount over what they first said and that is when I hit the block button and move on. I know it would be most satisfying to be able to smack them in the face and call them an idiot, but them not being able to contact and bug you again is the next best thing.

Good morning, has anyone had issues with customers making you think that they are going to purchase your item then the funds never come through?
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I'm having the same issue on Craigslist. I'm getting lowballed to death by someone who says "I can buy it brand new for the same or less elsewhere". That was in an email - never even came to LOOK at my item - so I wrote back that if you can get it someplace else for the same or less, why you shopping on Craigslist?. Of course, there was NO response to that..... What the hell is wrong with people these days? I mean... if I'm going to give  my stuff away, I'll give it to charity. 

This has been totally ridiculous, why would someone say they are going to buy something have you give them your address and then leave you hanging??
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Realize that some folks play these games just for their personal entertainment. Also some feel they 'won' if they get a better price than you asked for. Negotiation is a great thing but there are times when it simply is not appropriate. Set your terms and stick with them. If they do not work...then you change them and begin again. Do not be shamed into something by a lowlife bargain hunter with an IQ of 42 and no sense of reality. On the other hand...if you really enjoy dealing with those kind of folks...visit your local flea market and they will find you!