Lowball offers and handouts

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Yes that too is true. Thank you
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I myself have asked what the lowest a person would take for an item. I'm a single mom living from paycheck to paycheck, so i don't usually have an extra $500 laying around. Also, I hate the idea of someone wanting to sell an item for around $200 but me offering $50. It makes me sound cheap. I ask so I can give them an offer closer to their price or just tell them that I'm sorry and that I wouldnt be able to afford it.
But you do allow duplicate post all the time. And if you say you don't allow it and have people that go thru and weed them out. Then that person is not doing their job well.
Also people need to remove sold idems.
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So definitely right about this. I never really realized so much of this goes on. I thought it was something you seen on television. But never thought so close to home. I closed off the world but it surely found me gov't grants, or giving help to others when knowing I wasn't helping myself at all and it would still blow back ar
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I'm sorry but it would blow up in my face too. I definitely learned with government grants. Watch out folks there's alot of scamming and low ballers out there.
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Everyone hates and complains about low ballers. "Watch out folks there's a lot of low ballers out there". But every single one of these people, I 100% guarantee low ball themselves. Funny how that works.

I was telling my son we citizens vote for representatives and senators who we feel will speak on our behalf. We can't all be there in DC to monitor our country and to make laws and policies. So my tendency is to vote for the person who I believe will participate in the ru Ming of the giver me just as I would if I was there.
Like Spock however I believe that "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." so at times I vote for the person who will look out for society. All that said just to say to the author that you my friend have spoken for ME. Moreover I believe you spoke for me and many folks. You could be a natural politicians.

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I'm relatively new to this app/site, most of my items aren't cheap or typical items. Some are, some are collectables and some are just basic items. Whether the person agrees with my price or not I have always been polite and never rude and I'm still given a low grade, even after what I thought was a successful transaction, I guess something I did wasn't up to par. That's one thing I'm worried about, I know the low balls were coming, worried people are going to low ball you and when you reject that offer it is followed by a negative review just to bash you falsely or just because they didn't get their way.
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I get the same thing....amd I list my stuff very reasonable...they will want a $2 for 50 cents...etc..this one lady wantwd a necklace I was selling...for about $3 ....she wanted it for 50 cents and wanted ME to go to the post office and MAIL it to her cousin foe a birthday present!!!!! I've seen it all on here...people aelling Wish free items for big money...like this person AK selling free Wish app jewelery for $100 amd MORE!! I reported them amd called them out on it because I have a set of rings that I got for FREE from Wish and they wanted $120 for it...I even took screen shots for proof and told them so...I donr know if they blocked me or got booted but be cautious when buying jewelery...meet thwm at a jewelry store...that will let you know if its a scammer or not...
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My worst all time situation was a guy told me he wanted to buy a record player from me for $10 when I posted it for $50 firm. I told him kindly sorry that's way too low but thank you. He than replied are you on **bleep**!!! I said no, but clearly you are for offering that low of a price! I just flagged him, unfortunately that was one of my first few listings. Not the best experience at the beginning.