Lowball offers and handouts

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I agree with you, in that, America was built on bartar and trade. In some areas it still is. Today, you can not go to a flea market, without expecting to do some bartering.
I am greatful, you mentioned if, we do not want to negotiate the price, we should place a, “price is firm” on the site. I can only speak to my own listing. For my diamond tennis bracelet, I did place a firm price. Then, a interested party asked if I would lower the price. So, I did. Then they walked away and never replied again. This happened three times.
The way I felt, after that experience, made me want to stop selling. Instead, I have chosen to, just take a step back and learn by watching others. So, I have a better understanding of the community mind set.
Thank you, for contributing.
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When I get a message at 3am with a offer of five dollars. On a seventy-five dollar item , my response is “one should not drink so early “ .never hear back from them.
Wow thats crazy. If you make an aggrement to pay a certain amount, that should be honored . I would be highly upset if I went to drop an item off and the person wanted to change the price.
I am big seller also most my sales I shipped threw offer up cause I get so many asking is available I can meet you but never show up just waste imy time
Omg yes I try to not reply but it's gotten so bad with the unfair unrealistic offers that I cant help but but back and not meaning I get rude but just letting them know that its rude of them yo expect something for nothing as u said and that I paid with my hard earned money and given the condition and all factors I considered when I priced that I feel what I am asking I'd fair and i generally always put firm on price when I post but they still attempt to ask like really?! Its very unfair and honestly it crazy to me I guess I have to much respect for others because bargaining is one thing but asking someone to throw away there hard earned money is selfish and so rude I mean I always try to think about you never know what anyone else is got going on...you know anyways so try just really felt what u were saying and it's been something that been a major problem lately
Great advice I never thought of it that way thanks for the share...
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I absolutley agree!
How do you respond to replies such as:

The price is agreed on; and then the buyer replys hours later " why not sell it to me for 50$ less, it's not that much, you shouldn't mind, right? " ---- how does one respond to such a rude/ in my opinion!? -Or am I crazy?
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I believe that no matter how much research you do you will always find someone selling it for less. If you don't agree on a price just say it's not for sale at that price.
Some of us come here to sell our items at a price or somewhat close to it.
And some of us come here to purchase items that normally will sell for more in the stores.
People offer to sell things here and people offer you what they can pay.
So when someone ask you what is the lowest you will take just say I'm firm on my price or give them the lowest price you will take for the item.
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In agreement.
Appreciate your feedback, GLTU!
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There are a lot of resellers that low ball. Trying to buy low and sell high.