Lowball offers and handouts

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It's crazy...no one wants to pay, and I'll work with ya but I'm trying to make some extra cash. It seems like NO ONE understands SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! Ugh.
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Yes!! agreed this is so annoying why would you even drive and waste both our times! this really **bleep** me off too. and another thing i hate is people that ask if an item of mine is still available, i say yes, they never reply back and days later ask the same question again! come on you either want it or not stop waisting my time!!!
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I wish i could get offers for half on some of mine. My first month or so here went really well. The last couple of months have been awful, to the point I may just take everything down and uninstall.
Lowball is life
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Oh, you should be King Lowballs! Maybe change your user name to warn us in advance lol!
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I feel you I haven’t had any bits on anything since February of this year I’m so discouraged I’m thinking of doing the same thing it’s not worth my time or effort anymore. Plus I’ve done extensive research on all my items so their at fair market value it’s just the lowballers are ridiculous now an days. It’s just no worth it anymore.
I agree that “Offer up” has multiple “Low ballers “. Most people don’t show up.
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I’ve been here for a few years and sell things on the reg but only if it’s worth selling.  This site and others are easier ways for people with “Flea Market” mentalities to haggle.  Low Ballers are frustrating because they know they are low balling and don’t care.  Once I Low Balled a Low Baller just to **bleep** them off and share the frustration.  Not my best moment but it sure felt good 😁.  Has anyone noticed a trend on most low ballers?  I joke with my wife that they crawl out of a hole after 10pm.  I get a constant flow of low ball offers between 10pm - 2am, I silence the notifications after 10 and respond early in the morning when I know they aren’t awake, typically 5am or so.

Thank you for your response.  I have been buying
and selling since I was 10-years old.  Over 40-years. 

I have learned , eBay sets the prices or standard. 
It is far more proffitable to use eBay if the ites are in the
$50 - $ 250 range,that are 5 lbs. or less, there are issues
on eBay to.  I have better results on Craigslist.  . 
or posting ads on Craigslist for services, there is
a $5 charge, I am very happy about this, I get better
results for the services that I provide.  Robert M.

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When someone lowballs me I will respond with a price higher than my posted price.