Lowball offers and handouts

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The things I'm selling are for the most part OOAK or very hard to find if my price isn't what you want to pay don't
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1. You are not a store.
2. I have absolutely dont that furniture stores, electronics stores and cars.

If you haven't done that you have been over paying your whole life.

But my friend, but look at the good ones! This is not some cheap list, but offerup is trying to improve the platform.


But let me ask the whole community if this would be a comforting move on their part?


ALL users MUST complete their profiles at a minimum! including the following:

  • Email verified.
  • Image for their profile.
  • Phone verified.
  • TruYou verified.
  • Connected on one of the permitted platforms.

As a startup entrepreneur myself, I feel this will do the following:

  • Keep hustlers off the system.
  • Make more money for sellers.
  • Make better legitimate offers from real buyers.
  • Most importantly avoid wasting peoples time.


I myself, am more them willing to pay for promotions and shipping charges to move items, and I have done pretty well in the last few weeks by following the rules.


Please share your thoughts?



Email verified....Useless as any verification protocol.


Image for their profile. ...Can you detect the good from the bad with an image of a random face?


Phone verified....Useless as any verification measure(ie...prepaid sim cards for $5 anywhere), unless LANDLINES ONLY.


TruYou verified...Good idea


Connected on one of the permitted platforms...Irrelevant if "TruYou" is a requirement.

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I think when you meet a buyer you have to go is your gut instinct , I dealt with many Pleasant buyers and dealt with grumpy buyers it doesn't mean anything if they have a pleasant smile in the picture. we don't know who ra dealing with till we meet them in person.
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A quick suggestion... off topic
Since you are starting out, have you created your "Personal OU Profile Link" yet?
Great addition to a business card or just to share with family & friends.
Appreciate your suggestions!
Many safe sales to you, Ciao´ Smiley Wink

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I just 'love' when a buyer asks a question thats answered in the 1st or 2nd sentence of your description. It makes me wonder if they're even remotely serious or just not capable of comprehending? If a potential buyer can't spare a moment to read what you have taken the time to accurately describe & write for the item your selling IT BECOMES SOOOO AGGRAVATING
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Yes unfortunately Byers don't read everything they expect you to stop what you doing and spend 15 more minutes explaining the same thing all over again
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Indeed! I listed a jersey with the size in the second line (!) And sure enough I got two messages asking me for the size. It's like, try actually reading the description before sending a message.
If I’m firm on the price I always make sure make an offer is disabled. Also there’s a bunch of scammers on offer up so I want to make sure I get my money back if it doesn’t work or breaks that same day or week. ( SOMETIMES YOU CAN’T TEST ITEMS OUT DUE TO MISSING PIECE OR ACCESSORY) I really don’t sell that much here mostly buying. If your comfortable with shipping auction sites has a world base market. BUY LOW SELL HIGH