Lowball offers and handouts

I agree. I also give away things to charity. If I put it online to sell it's in good to new condition, worth a significant amount of money, and I ,too ,price low to sell quickly.
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I agree
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Good Advice
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I agree and just keep going
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Here is another one that I just experienced.

An individual who has on his offers: "No low ballers; my prices are firm " send me a question about low balling my item. Go figure.

If u do not want to be low balled; don't u do it please.

Just venting.

In the Armyb we would had just dropped u for 20 push ups.  Nah.  Just kidding.

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I do think most of us have that problem with buyers, I honestly think most of this buyers are think we are stupid we don't know what we are selling or just think we find our merchandise in the garbage.
To me is very insulting it's a shame we have to deal with people like that.
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I know right. Sounds like his ad totally contradicted the whole "no lowballing" issue.
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Nah i disagree if a item is posted like i have one 9000 and get offers of 50$
A motorcycle and offer me 25$
And my posts say firm !!! What kinda people on this app? Elementary kids or kids on parent cells
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They the stupid onesbecause if i have a post for 9k offers of50$ lowest andhighest has been 3500$ lmao imean thats bot cooland ppl get offended andreply something bad to them but if post says firm htf cn offers low getby offerup gotta get w the programm
Besides if foos have no money tobuy why be windowshoppin onapp lol