Lowball offers and handouts

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Ive never used this before great advice
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Ive never used this before great advice i hope i can sell my stuff quickly
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE never give any live animal away for free!! People dont value what they dont pay for and you have no idea how they will treat it. Dog fighters especially love using free babies to train their dogs. Or feed to pet snakes, or any number of other horrific fates. Im sure you are trying to do good but you are being much more compassionate if you take them to a shelter or rescue even if they wind up being euthanized there. And it's not a bad thing to deliver just to make sure the new home is suitable. Act responsibly and do everything you can to ensure a safe loving forever home - or let an agency do it.
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Good come BACK!!!
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I so agree to being careful of sob stories. I am new to this form of reaching out to others unknown to me. I have a true need to dispose of items that my husband had collected before he passed. I have to downsize. I've donated all I could and now I need financial stability. A DJ from Atlanta bought a portion of his extensive 40 yr Jazz collection and other items. I'd appreciate any advice to get rid of the stuff in the storage unit as quickly as possible. I'm Downsizing Treasures
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@PV2014Change Hey Smiley Happy Lots of great advice on selling items in our Pro Tips forum from other members of the community. That would be a great place to start! 

So agree to this! I understand the app is called “offer up” but that doesn’t mean if I’m selling something for $50 dollars that’s in great condition hardly used and sold in stores for $100 that you can ask me for $20... consignment stores don’t even sell that cheep for good quality stuff!
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Thx for the heads up
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Hey OfferUp Blog Community it’s 57Chevy I’m out here waiting to meet a buyer set time was 9 am it’s now 9:20 am. I texted her multiple times last night and this morning before our meeting and no response. I also asked if she was a serious buyer and she said yes. I’m very disappointed. I wish there was a way to rate buyers who don’t show up to give other sellers a heads up
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Hey Elin it’s 57Chevy I’ve gotten all the updates for my OfferUp app and also have gotten a new modem but still can’t see my selling page. Now I’m experiencing when I post items even after 1 day all I get is posted time no views show at all. Sometimes I get my page but very rarely when I do I check everything posted with in the time I have before it goes Poof and gone again. Why is this happening. I love what you’ve done with the page but it’s so frustrating that I really can’t enjoy it all that much. Thx 57Chevy