Lowball offers and handouts

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@-57chevy We have a Bump feature that will put your item back to the top of browsing and search results! The video in this blog post explains it really well. 

Yeah, I agree. Unfortunately there's Always gonna be Idiots out there! (Maybe that's not very PC nowadays but oh well, they need thicker skin).

When I get someone Clearly Low balling or being Stupid, I just go to their Post & give them an offer of like $1 or something just to Hopefully teach them Not to be ignorant & waste mine or anyone else's Time. It's worked so far. They normally apologize for giving me such an Inconsiderate Offer & see how Truly Silly it was.

I'm All for getting Awesome Deals but, REALITY Still Exists in the World I wanna live in!
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I agree 😂
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If they want discount, I found it useful to tell people I will drop the price in one week if I still have it. If they are serious they’ll buy it.

No holds. Cash and carry to the first person who shows up with $$ but I’ll update the listing as soon as it’s gone.

Handouts? I mention if they keep search they’ll find someone else giving it away. I need the money too.

That usually works.

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That's a good idea because it seems people think you are ignoring them if you don't respond within an hour or less. Sometimes you just can't respond for one reason or another
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Is this live lols ??
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“What’s the lowest you will go?” ARGH!!! I obviously want my asking price to be the lowest I’ll go, although OfferUp IS the name of the game. So, I respond, “Why don’t you make me an offer and we’ll go from there.” Because you know that if you respond honestly with the lowest $ you are willing to accept, the buyer will then want to haggle that price.
And when I get a lowball offer, say a $10 offer on a $40 item, I simply respond, “Only reasonable offers considered.” There’s wanting to make a deal and then there’s trying to get one over on someone who may need cash. There are ruthless people out there but if you play it smart you will do just fine.
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Hey I'm freaking out I can't load my selling page. My internet is working strong. It keeps saying keep trying it's been out since 11:30pm last night almost 12 hours how do I fix it
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Hey guys I'm freaking out my sellers page won't load it keeps saying retry it's been almost 2 days my internet is strong I don't know what to do any suggestions
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Hey Elin it's 57Chevy I haven't been able to view my selling page in 2 days if starting to really upset me. I've had alot of success with OfferUp in the last couple of weeks but I'm getting a little disappointed that I can't view my page. Is there anything that can be done technically to help me. Cause I've put some new item on site I'd like to know how there doing if I got any views. Hope u had a good thanksgiving