Lowball offers and handouts

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Well said!
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I totally agree!✊🏽
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100% agree don't come to my house after we agreed on a price and tell me you only have so much in your pocket because I'm going to leave you with your feelings hurt and walk away have a nice day
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Absolutely. I’m having the exact same issue. Over and over and over. This marketplace is garbage.
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@Aldofern I hate that I’ve got to agree with you.... it’s not just offerup... people s*ck and are cheap in general.
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Hey it’s 57CHEVY I just had to report a buyer for calling me a petty B###h I was willing to meet him at a rapid station close to his work. My item is $30 he wanted it for $25 I didn’t say no at the time till I rechecked the Internet for what my item is worth ( it’s a basketball jersey) I told him to bring exact change or $30 in case he decided to pay full asking price. I’m getting VERY TIRED of getting DEGRADED on this Site. I’ve had Great Success on this Site. I’m truly upset about this.
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Hi hello
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Every time I get a lowball offer or some flake, I'm reminded of the term "codbag" that was invented for these types of people on Craigslist back in the day.

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I feel the same way. But what I've started doing is pricing my items right at about what I'll take and not taking offers and if they're serious about buying it they'll buy it and I also just get some weird messages to sometimes. But I don't have time to offer something for $60 and have them offer me 10