Lowball offers and handouts

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Now this is a good post. That is one of the cruddiest things people do. I agree with you entirely.
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Amen ridiculous
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Are you SERIOUS?!!?!!
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Thanks!! hah

Just sharing a diff perspective from another angle. 😅🤣🤷🏽‍♂️🙏🏼
Hi everyone I am enjoying all the discussions but need clarification on why some sites have multiple listings of the SAME item - example - I often view sellers with hundreds of items but selling an item listed over and over again and I get frustrated and just go to another seller - other buyers must feel the same as I - one seller I just started viewing had over 800 listings and after seeing the same Christmas tree listed 6 times I gave up
Is this due to REPOSTING? Why does OfferUp allow this ?
Thanks to you all ! Merry Christmas
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@Hello-it-is-me Hi! We don't allow duplicate posts. Make sure to report the users who are doing this so our team can look into their account. Thanks so much. 

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@Hello-it-is-me, report the profiles you see doing that. The OfferUp team does a good job eliminating these once they're reported.
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If anyone living in Davie or Plantation is throwing out wood furniture, such as tables and small dressers, that are in decent condition, please let me know! My hobby is refinishing older wood furniture whenever I’m not working lol. Thanks in advance Smiley Happy
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@Scottym83 Hey Smiley Happy You may want to post this in the Local Connections forum to see if you can connect with anyone near you!

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Oh I know! About them showing up with "all I gots" . Frustrating.

I stop right there and point them to the (previously staked out nearest ATM or store) if they're saying they don't have change so could I just take this amount?- I tell them to run right into that gas station and buy a pack of gum and WOW like magic you'll get your change.

Or I leave.