Lowball offers and handouts

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Who u talkin to
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We’ll @Alright just noticed your posts. When members report inappropriate PMs it gives us the ability to review and take appropriate action if necessary. We are here to help and make sure everyone is adhering to the forum rules. I’ll leave @Mj_206 Community manager to explain what my Moderator role is.

At this point moving forward this thread needs to stay on topic. Regards Hotrod
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YOU HAVING ISSUES TOO? I can't keep up...are we on low baller feed or issues feed???? Lol! HA L11
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Some are very manipulate...L11
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I pretty much agree, however I've had a few that just try to manipulate down to nothing. This is all a huge learning process! L11
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Same problem with me! None of my items from 4 months ago are even showing up on the site anywhere! Also I see the promote has jumped back up to $12.95! What a HUGE MISTAKE ON THEIR SIDE! WON'T BE USING THAT ANYMORE, EVER!!!
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I hope everyone is able to set forth their goals for buying/selling. Use positive communication & have fun!!
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They will not let me respond to messages
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I get where you're coming from....deception is never welcome. If the price is agreed on prior to meeting then we expect to paid the agreed prices and have a little chit chat during the transaction but not about haggling the price. Now if it's an item of necessity and the buyers are truly having difficulties they share with the hopes of a price break perhaps I may want the opportunity to assist by taking a couple of bucks off. But if the item is purely a want not a item of need that's completely different. Some people enjoy the processes of the negotiations; I know I've heard some very interesting stories accompanied by the motives for a discount but it doesn't anger me. I can say no but good try. Also if the buyers are willing traveling to me at the current fuel prices and vehicle wear and tear, I know that's not a bad reason for a buyer to ask for a couple bucks off if they have over a 20 minute drive.
Maybe a disclaimer in your posts stating absolutely no haggling could divert those issues...
I wish you all the best...
Happy Sales,
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It occurred to me to have a photo of cash sent 5 minutes before meet, with Car tag in photo also. I do not wish to appear repetitive yet again, all my sales must be paid through the site. I simply prefer that protection for myself as both a buyer and seller.
Good luck and happy sales! 😉