Lowball offers and handouts


Believe it or not the VERY SAME THINGS happen on Ebay and Etsy. It is what it is, and people are what they are. I can't tell you how many questions I have asked, extra photos I have provided, and then negotitate a price to have them flake or give a sob story. And I never list OBO, they ALWAYS hit me with half the value or less in their offer. And I ALWAYS list higher than what I hope to get. On OfferUp I simple respond "thank you but I will have to decline" or "Thank you for your offer, I will accept $...." If they were serious they will continue the conversation, otherwise they just drop off. 

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What amazes me are the ppl who want a deal on something and then either stand you up to pick up item or just never respond again after you’ve lowered your price for them. So my normal response is price is firm. And I know everyone wants a deal but come on now-ppl offering less then 50% the first day you post it? Really???
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@Syndi, preach! My biggest pet peeve are the lowball tactics. I know it comes with the territory but it seems worse than ever. I was recently called a "moron" and d*^%€-bag because as was stated, "Its OfferUp"! I can't help the fact that too many people think offering 20% (more often than not for me) of my asking price is a really a starting point of a serious negotiation. And before the pushback comes about pricing and real value: I'm selling basically new items, that are already priced 30_60% below the avg value. So, maybe the market isn't here for me, as much as I'd like. Just means I'll end up selling more elsewhere until the winds shift. The 20% offers do get old though. I think the quick response tabs are something that makes it easier for people to waste your time as well. It's just people, not a flawed app. 😁

My first actual flake. We negotiated a price, she agreed, and drove all the way to my store. She stood there and let me take it down from it's display, SHE carried it to the register, then said she needed to run out to her car. She took off! I messaged her and she said her son needed a potty break and that she decided she would look for something larger. She thanked me for my hospitality and wished me Happy Holidays. A flake, but a nice flake LOL

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Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I had someone offer me a disrespectful amount. I just smile. We are done. Thanks for your interest but I'm not out of my mind. That's what I said. No sense getting angry. Everyone seems to be looking for the deal of the century.
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Why do you feel it necessary to teach people a lesson? You don't know these people OR thier intent? I know I would not like someone trying to manipulate my ad because THEY want me to....js
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YES I HATE THE DISRESPECT WHEN YOUR DOING LOWER THEN EVERYONE ELSE IS ON HERE ASKING AND I ASK 1000 for the newest MacBook on the market and they say will you trade it for a used iPhone 5 with small crack on screen and I’ll say some smart ass remark and they get all **bleep** off im like why would you think I would trade my 2017 MacBook Pro for your old ass broken iPhone that was just sitting in a draw in there room. So now I say sure where and when you want to meet up. And they won’t even reply cuz they are really not interested or don’t have the money so why bother me I’m busy I don’t have time to play BS games with someone
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Hey Elin theirs a seller selling Wind Earrings that I gave to her cause she bought other items from me but she’s selling these earrings as reconditioned and certified and their not I never told her anything like that there just Lord and Taylor Earrings plus she’s got them priced at $150 they’re probably worth $10-30. I was selling them for $10. She’s also on Letgo selling them for $120. She’s trying to deceive the buyer, that’s not right their just costume jewelry nothing fancy.
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Kelly Haynam is the seller. Deceiving customers is not right. Plus she said she pay for them on her next item purchase. Refurbished furniture is understandable but something given as a Xmas gift cause it was well loved then resold without payment not right. I’ve asked for them back.

When my price is firm, and the potential buyer offers less, I respond with a higher price.  I've actually sold things this way, as I post items way below market value to move them.