Make the app more buyer friendly!

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Everybody seems to focus on how to improve the app for sellers but theres much that needs to be done to attract buyers first or the app is doomed to become yet another seller only platform. This is how ebay and amazon got where they are now, they looked at the buyers perspective and made adjustments to make sure buyers were able to actually end up buying and returning againto buy more.


There are s many things that need attention, first is make the search stay locked onto whatever settings for filtering that the buyers want, even if they leave the app! This app also is the only app i have ever used that makes you close the app just to return to the home page! You dont want buyers to ever leave the app unless they choose too! What happens is they simply get mad and say screw it and just go do something else. Plus when it closes and reopens its always restting their filters and makes more time wasted setting filters constantly. You may not think its that big of a deal but it is, the more distractions they encounter and the more redoing and resetting filters is just ruining their buying experience. Morr likely to see this as a bad chioce after they become angry.


Next problem is all the duplicates and all the old posts that are no longer being cared for since those buyers dont even have that number or a phone any more. Also dead beat non responsive sellersz buyer dont like waiting, they hate it even more when they waste their time for nothing. To reduce wasted time the prices need to be posted directly on the pictures! This way they arent ope ing a ton of useless posts, anitger issue is lazy sellers no putting any usefull information in the listing, 90% fail to post model numbers or anything at all, purposely being as vague as possible and making buyers contact them but they never reply back!


You wont find these problems elsewhere, this app is quickly becoming all sellers, new buyers are trying it and forgetting it just as quickly. Its just nit going to compete with other buying platforms unless these issues are confronted quicly. What you have here is failed ebay and amazon sellers, but thats fine as long as they learned their lesson and are still trying to sell. But they need to get on the ball and start pricing items more realistically, just because you paid $800 4 years ago means nothing to buyers who know that its going to be i possible to sell old tecnology (unless its truly vintage and is in some demand) for anything but a fraction of the paid price. Things like ipods and iphones up to 4 are not even going to sell at all as well as ipod speaker boxes and other items that are only 10 years old. They have no market and locally they really have no value at all. So with that in mind it should be easy to jndrrstand what buyers want and expect. If you want this app to become anither great buying and selling platform these things need to be adressed right now!


I can only say this so many times before its too late, i have seen these issues from the first time i used it and nothing has improved for buyers, what needs to be done is the devs need to actually buy some stuff here and see exactly how it goes. I mean actually try to make a real purchase. Maybe a $10 phone and see how it goes and find out It takes days just to get a reply, then sellers have no idea of what they are selling, cant even tell you simple needed information like model numbers and memory size  or phone carriers? These should all be posted but never are and with no replies back from sellers buyers will quickly give up and look elsewhere.

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Wow @zinda. I hear ya, but you need to take a chill pill. Lol. Its just an app, not a life changer. 😎
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I agree. as both as buyer and seller and I stopped selling for a good while due to. the lack of Customer Service not. taking down items posted not 2x but. some looked. as. they reposted every week while. leaving the same old posts, sellers trying to sell counterfeit. items and I know that many may not. not know where others will and if I think the interaction with the seller and support aside have had authentic items removed and I offer items many cant get at the same price. even wholesale so. they assume its fake and still. try to. offer a rate and delivery?? Alot of these apps have the help. of high level sellers etc help them monitor as they obviously have too much on the hands. Why is this app available online but you can't post I can guarantee there would be so many more. items posted myself for one. There are others that offer both as sitting on your phone doing it gets old afterwards. I don't know about you but there should be. consequences there. is no. accountability I have gone to. deliver sat and no show I stay home no shows then I. see there. stars are. down if they get 3/marks they should be blocked for a few. weeks. as a warning and then if. they are made. aware if they do. it again with lack of communication then they no longer use the platform. Yes shipping opens a bigger market but charging the seller to feature or boost item? It needs to be more clear what u can and can't. sell
notifications I know I have not. gotten any then see I have 6. I know I have offered items that there is no. way they could never. get but situations cause me. to have to. But I update tje rate and it doesn't show that it shows how long ago I posted the item. Why is there. not. a. section *must go or Just reduced* people. are. not. following account its anymore. its search find item and the quick and. if. made. easy like adding services giving community. mechanics tint handyman or. tow I know I would go to. them before calling over priced as a owner of. several companies and know they could offer anyone who saw there add here and uses promo code or. site and gets an additional %/its an additional window for them but nothing Iso of partners or anything like that why monitors all sites even waze is run by the users... marketing. somehow. to cater to. the buyers as noones buying as. sites. known for. cheap crap
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I had a hard time following exactly what points you were trying to make with that rsnt, but insell here, but i dont do much shopping anymore. What i do is look to see what otgers sre selliingvand check out hiwcthey post their similar iteme and mist have no desctiption, 1 crappy picture that does not help in any way or a picturd of a webpage, nit even a real shot of what yhey are selling as a used item! Then i wonder how they expect to sell it and the prices tgey are asking is eith waty to high or they have $1 or $0 and then post a price in the description area but no desctiption,  


This misleading and wastes peoples time, by posting prices on the pictures buyers will be able to skip those and also they can compare prices without going tgrough a guessing game of where is that picture located amoung this collage of tiny pictures! 


Plus features keep changing but none for the better, plus there's nothing telling users how to even make use of the features? Half the time i discover stuff by accident. It just seems like the creator had a very skewed image in their head and really never tested the idea with others, seemingly thinking that they had the best possible layout that could not be improved or done differently. But this same way of thinking continues after each update, things seem to be getting further away from where they shou!d be and more steps are needed to do stuff thats already taking way too long for both a seller and a buyer.


This is just one more obsiicle for buyers to face each time they try to use it, if its too complex people will not take the time to figure it out and bevome frustrated, allways keep it simple and do not hide any links from field of view, rules 1 and 2 of making any app!

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Haha, while you posted quite the rant yourself @zinda, I agree with some of your opinions. There are ways to make this a better experience for buyers. The one thing that I found curious was you mentioned closing the app to go back to the home page. I don't seem to have that experience. Maybe I misunderstood what you were referring to? I definitely agree settings shouldn't be changing.
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I have had to close the app nearly every time i use it becsuse the links st the bottom of the page disappear and do not come back after doing some activities, i csnt go back to check my messages while im browsing listings after i set my filter. That's the main one but it happens while doing other activities as well, another is when i want to go back but the spp closes instead of going back to the start. I had to close it 3 times today already just to get to my messages. If your not trying to go back to the home screen you probably wont see the issue, just look at the ljnks on the pages and see if you can make it back to the home page after using the app.


What im ssying is there should not everr be a time when the user cant get to a soecific area without closing the spp. This encompasses both rukes for apps: keep is simple, always have a link to the home page on every page and alway in sight without making users search for it, second rule never make users clise the app because thry csnt find sny other wsy to get to where they want to be! 

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@zinda Hi! You really shouldn't be having all of these issues on your account. When you write into Customer Support, what do they tell you? I'm curious because you seem to sometimes have issues we've never heard of before. Let us know Smiley Happy

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i notucef now that when i slide down the selections appear atvthe bottom of the page, i never saw this option until just 2 weeks ago, now ive been using the spp for 9 months and never saw this before, how is a first time user going to find that ootion when the controls thst are always there at the bottom suddenly are gone after they leave the page and return?


Thesr are thpes of things that im talking sbout, if the ddlections are there at 1 moment they shouldnt disappear or chsnge how they are shown. Most buyers tell me the same things when it comes to their shopping experiennces. Number 1 issue is when they click on sn item to see ehat it actually is or check a price, when they return back to the lsst page, everything has changed and they cant find the item they were going to look at next or csnt find the last item they just checked out!


These little things are what makes the app hard for buyers, as well as everything elsr, but when they cant even find the items they are interested in, that pretty much ends it for them. The devs need to address this issue as well as many others. A search for srllers to find their iwn items would help in our posts area as well would make a huge difference. I have buyers here looking at stuff and when they adk me prices i have to tell them to wsit while i psge through 50 pagex of tiny pictures tgat dont even match up with the items most times? After about 5 minutes of scrolling they get impatient and end up just ssying forget it. I could just blurt out a price even if its wrong but im trying to eork eith what i have posted so im not appearing to be trying to screw them, esoecially if they already know the prices and i might mske a mistske.


These are things buyers dont want to deal with, neither do i but i have no options other than scrolling while they stsnd there and i usually lose the ssles becausr of how slow the spp is to use and locate specific items, i realize if i had 10 sales going it wouldnt be an issue but thats not the case with many sellers. With suck tiny pictures and they arent even in front of the cirrect items it bevomes difficult and with buyers impatientky wsiting it just makes it even more frustrating. Maybe have a few ootions on how to display our posts. Alphabeticslly, by price, by time posted, by catagory, etc.. these would mske it much easier to find posts and answer questions as well as give buyers a total right away instead of it tsking 20 minutex to find each item and add them up, plus add in the constsnt messsges coming while sll this is hsppening it just makes it even harder to find things.


I could go on and on with tiny improvements that would mske things more productive for both buyers snd sellers without trying to get rediculous ideas implemented that are unnedded and will just csuse more issues.

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I have yet to get any answers from customer help yet, it serms as though they either dont understsnd what the issues are or dont want to admit there is a problem for some reason. The answers are slways based on something thst is on my end and not with the app, even though i change nothing with my tablet the app changes behavior constantly. Just today (as every day) i had a buyer here looking at stuff for anout 10 minutes and the app (which has finslly fixed the notification issue) will chime in and ill check the message and see it was the last messsge that buyer sent saying im leaving or i csnt find the entrance or anything else that they needed a quick reply to make sure they made it here or to tell me specific info i needed to get their items ready for them so they arent standing waiting for me to get things out and set up.


Just like when thhere was an issue with the notifications not chimming in telling us when a buyer sent a messsge, it was misinturpreted as we where complaining that ee werent getting enogh notifications about items we had previously looked at and we wanted  to get more of that type of notification, which is so far from what the actual issue was and there was no mistaking that we were not be told when buyer where dontacting us directly about are sales. So how can this infirmation become so incorrectly interpreted? Theres no way sellers were complaining that they were having problems selling because they werent getting more alerts about items they veiwed.

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I myself have to say, I'm with @Elin. I cannot understand or fully relate to the issues your reporting. At least as much as I can understand. They don't sound like anything I've ever heard from anyone else. Also, there are many errors in your post, so unfortunately, it becomes difficult to read. I know it must be frustrating when the app isn't meeting your expectation.

Are you using a phone, tablet, desktop or combination of all?

Are you having trouble viewing, posting, or other functions?

Are you unhappy with new features or is it not functioning properly?

Did you always have these issues or when did it begin?

Can you keep your answers direct and brief?

It'll be easier to understand if your not posting a super long response.

The errors make it very difficult to read. I'm not saying that to offend or be insensitive. I'd like everyone, Including myself, to be able to offer help or at least understand the issue.