Meeting buyers

Just getting started on OfferUp any tips on meeting buyers. Do you meet in a public place or should you have them come to your house.
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@AuctionTreasure Welcome! When meeting, we suggest agreeing to meet in a well-lit, public space like a grocery store parking lot, police station, coffee shop, or shopping mall. Also, make sure you read up on our Community MeetUps Spots where we have partnered with local business and police stations to offer safe places to meet. Smiley Happy


There are also many, many tips that you'll find incredibly helpful since you're starting that many members here have shared with us, and we've written about on our Tips blog. I hope this helps in getting you started. So happy you're with us! 


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I always meet in public place, i never let people come to my house, it’s just safer that way for the sellers and buyers
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@AuctionTreasure I hope you've had some successful transactions by now! 


I recommend meeting in public, and I'd say that about 95% of my completed transactions have been in public. I've had a few community members ask me to pick up or drop off an item at their house, and if I agree to that, I always make sure to bring a friend with me. 


My friend and I buy and sell a bunch on OfferUp, so we try to coordinate our pickups so that we can complete them together. Not only does it make me feel safer, but it allows me to get some good quality time in with my best friend!

Thank you for the great advice. I just got started using OfferUp it’s been great so far, I’m getting lots of interest in my post, lots of low offers and a few no shows but that’s to be expected I guess. I buy my products from auctions, 99% of my products are new so I’m giving everyone a chance on a deal on new items. Looking forward to adding the rest on my items and more sales on OfferUp
Thanks again
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