Messaging Failures and Delays

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Curious to know if others are experiencing delays in receiving messages and/or messages not going through to buyers? Both have happened to me today.

First, a buyer showed up and messaged that they'd arrived, but the messages never came through on their own... I had to open the message thread to see them and about 5 minutes later (after I'd viewed them) they came in with notifications at a staggered pace.

Now, a buyer seems to not be getting my responses! They're requesting info, I'm sending it, and they're not seeing them (I think). They seem like a serious buyer!

My app is updated and I'm not sure if there's a glitch with the app or if it's something else... Thoughts? Suggestions?
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Yep. It happened to me today afternoon. The buyer waited more than 20 minutes and basically give up on me.
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Very sorry to hear that! Such a bummer! And not good for your rating... I wasn't sure if it was just me or not, and if I should report a glitch...
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I've had this happen in the past, clearing the cache worked for me.

Do messages show a send error or do they have one or two check marks ✓ ?

I've also had twenty consecutive cha-chings sounds.

They both seem to be server errors which fix themselves eventually.
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@Dawnpdx let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,
I would recommend contacting the OfferUp customer care team, through Facebook or Twitter for a faster response. I’m sure they can help you with this issue.
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Its been happening to me for a few weeks now. Sometimes I get the sound notification but nothing actually comes up until I open the app and check. They've been very laggy, up to an hour before offerup send me the notification. Way too late by then if someone is waiting...
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ive also had this  problem ,,,one day i kept getting the alert from  offerup a few minutes after i had already replyed to the message that was sent to me,,,,,,,,,,,,but the problem seemed to fix it self,was working fine the next day.

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Hi there,

I'll clear my cache to see if that helps.

Initially, after the buyer rang my doorbell to reach me, I checked the app since she'd said she had messaged and those messages didn't show up for me. When I opened our message thread it showed neither an error or the double checks. The double checks only pertain to whether my messages are read, not to whether messages have come through to me.

Since this event the app seems to be working normally again for me.
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Thank you!
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Lately messages have been 30 minutes late but the chaching sound either doesnt work at all or it makes the sound 10 minutes after the message has been sent, plus if im replying to messages and the buyer sends 1 back it doesnt appear in the line of current messages until i go back to the list of recrnt messages received and reopen that same message i was just replying to. So i never know if they reply till i go back and check. Its getting harder to make sales lately with sll these notificayion issuse constantly happening. At least the location issue has finally been fixed, plan on the notification issues being fixed in the next 3 months or so, that seems to be the time it takes to fix things.


Meanwhile thousands of buyers try the app and cant make a purchase because of it, close the app and uninstall it, then dpread the word about their experience. With so many problems trying to make a connection between buyers and sellers, the only buyers left here are all sellers looking for items posted for next to nothing since sellers cant make a sale and mark tgeur stuff down so cheap trying to sell anything. This hurts sellers bigtime, with no new buyers shopping here theres no money to be made at any price.


This app needs to be much more reliable and become way more buyer friendly, starting with the basics. Getting messages to work properly and getting the notifications to come through with the message is just the very least it should be able to do, without it the app is simply wasting everyones time.