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I have been using offerup for a while now, but ever since the new year i have been getting banned or "shadow banned" from what i am reading from other users. I can message but the messages are not going through to the buyer. When i try to follow someone, it does not let me. This is the fourth time it has happened to me and each time customer service fixed it for me, but without telling me what i have done wrong. I am trying to get my account fixed and find out what i am doing wrong so i can advoid doing it again. 

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@gjoni let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,
I would recommend asking the OfferUp customer care team again, they can look into your account and give you a better answer, did you get any error messages? like your about to violate OfferUp guidelines? also if you want someone to respond to you put this @ in front of their usernames like I did to your username above. I’ll also tag @Mj_206 and @Elin Community managers so they are aware of your issue.
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thank you for the fast reply honestly. i private messaged elin. after a week and about 20 minutes after making this post i got a reply from customer support. They said it was a technical issue that caused my account to enter a locked state and they went and fixed it for me. sadly this was the 4th time its happened to me i just want to know why.

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@gjoni Go ahead and try clearing the cache and cookies for each browser and device you use to connect to OfferUp from Smiley Happy This should help!

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@gjoni glad you’re up and running again.
Hopefully it doesn’t happen again fingers crossed 🤞