Money being delayed/stolen by OfferUp

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I have sold a Nintendo Switch /w all accessories and 5 games in PERSON on March 1st. The buyer payed via OfferUp payment. I never used it. Turns out he never used it either. As of right now my money is being delayed for unknown reasons. They are providing little to no help. Asking for more information about me, but they don't specify what they want to know.

After reading similar posts I have come to realize OfferUp steals your money and never transfer it to your bank. DO NOT USE THIS SCAMMY APP!

Edit: They transfered the money the day after I wrote this post. This is the only way to speed up the process.
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I am waiting for my money to be deposited too. I did few transactions before which went well but this one is delayed for some reason . And there is no customer service number are email to contact . I guess not going to sell outside my town .
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Yes I'm having the same issue right now. Mine has been delayed for 3 days now. I sold my iPhone 6 to this guy and he didn't have cash or cashapp only this. I'm starting to feel OfferUp is helping the scammers 😓