More and more and more info needed. Anyway to delete information? Can I cancel and refund

I am extremely uncomfortable with the way OFFER UP is so hostile in needing my information.

This has been the FIRST shipping deal I have made. Altogether I have made less than $400 on this app. 

Gave it my usual info MOST websites need in order to pay you. (which I would have been fine with. but Offer up didnt let me know directly I would need to also give up my SSN and ID to get my money.)

Suddenly asks me for my WHOLE SSN. Um, no. Too late to forfeit the deal since the item has already been shipped and it's considered done with.

A few days later of Swipe keeping my money hostage it turns out I need the money.

Well, in a desperate fashion and considering a bunch of people ship with this app, with a lump in my throat I gave the information telling me that was the last thing I needed! Were all set to go!

NOW it wants to also have my government issued ID. 

I have done some research and I see why but I am just... appalled and tired and I feel like I'll need to send in some dna to Swipes headquarters after all this is over.

Its just scary with how easy identity theft is these days. I dont care how "secure" they claim to be. stuff happens.

Most people don't seem to have this issue?

Ive seen posts have the same concerns but Offer up mods here have shared a few times that this shouldn't be happening and to get in contact with support?

I don't understand why Swipe needs to go this far for some people.

So. I end with 2 questions.

1: Can I delete all my information.

and 2: can I issue back a refund to the people who bought my shipped item because I will not be proceeding with giving them all this information.

Its just too much-considering things like eBay does not need this much.

Like for god sakes, PAYPAL doesn't even need my ID and it's linked to my BANK ACCOUNT DIRECTLY.

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@chiffonrabbit - Great points! I’ve been using offerup and loving it so far for both buying and selling. I’m looking forward to getting ready to take the big step (for me) of diving into shipping next week. But now you’re saying we need to give all this unnecessary info. My own family doesn't know my SS#.

Offerup developers - please address this. I WANT this app to be the go-to alternative to the other online apps that give no protection to sellers. I have had such a great experience so far. The only issue I ever had did involve shipping. Post office had shipping due on an item I bought. I couldn’t get to post office and couldn’t catch postal worker to pay the postage due and item was eventually returned to seller. A few kinks still need to be worked. Help us make offerup great.