More and more scammers every different day...

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I have posted two items in a matter of two days and I’ve been hit with scams left and right. They wanted me to do business away from OfferUp by me giving them my PayPal account email. What they then do, they send you a fake digital PayPal receipt for you to believe they paid, and them hoping you do not double check the receipt and ship the item. Also they have offered me a little extra money to supposedly hold the item a bit longer, to then send you a fake check or money order while the item is shipping. I mean, how stupid these people think others are?
Level 5
Yes, sir. These scammers crawl out from under their rocks like cockroaches asking you to do the deal outside the app and/or having the item shipped or picked up at a different address. This is why I refuse to ship on these sites and insist on meeting during the day at a bank and deal in cash. These conditions usually gets rid of the scamming bastards.
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I love **bleep** the scammers off.there material never gets any better.if they would only make it more challenging! But after awhile it does get old.just want to make a little extra money before the Government makes this site start charging sales tax.