My post is being removed???

I’m posting two amazon fire sticks for sale and the post is being removed?? There are several other amazon fire sticks available for sale so I don’t understand why I can’t sell mine?
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Fire sticks cant be sold on here because they are so easy to jailbreak. Report any Firesticks that are on the app.
There are easily over 100. Just do a search for them:-/ so???
Then why are there sponsors ads for fire sticks as well??
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Are the sponsor ads from legitimate companies like Walmart and the like? Just report any Offerup users selling Firesticks. As I stated they are not allowed to be sold on this app because they are easy to jailbroken and Offerup cant regulate them as well.
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Yes it is a flaw in the way the search algorithm / company ads work.

Whatever you have searched for now or in the past may be suggested as a company ad.

Ads do not reflect who they support.

Much like YouTube, you may get ads for products that you don't necessarily like or agree with.

Use your best judgement when following an ad link.

Please, have a look at the links I provided.

'Just because you see other ads doesn't mean you can do it as well, report any ads you see breaking the rules'

Contact support or an admin if you want a third or fourth opinion on the matter.
There are too many posts for me to flag - and even if I do nothing happens.
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Sometimes it takes a while before Offerup will take action.